Adenium plant care - guid and basic technique

How to care adenium plant

So starting from the simple explanation Adenium plant is the desert rose plant so from name itself it says that it is the desert plant. Desert plant means where water is very less or the rainfall is very less, so in simple words we can say adenium plant require very less water and lots of sunlight. 

Adenium plant is an outdoor plant, minimum sunlight requirement is 5 to 6 hours, keeping adenium in full sunlight will help adenium plant to grow fast and also plant will be healthy and will produce lots of flowers.

Following are the tips for Adenium Plant care and how to give water to the Adenium Plant :-

we will talk on the Adenium soil mixture and, water requirement (in summer/winter), sunlight, pot selection and detail information.

A) Adenium Soil mixture :-

     Adenium plant is the desert plant and in desert soil is rarely found & sand is the only source for plant growth, so if you want or love to have Adenium plant in your garden area, you have to do some great work on the soil mixture 

a) If you are living in area where hot temperature is primary then you have to use 50% Soil & 50% Sand.

 b) If you are living area where the cold temperature is the primary then you have to use 40% Soil & 60% Sand.

Sand will not allow extra water to hold and if no extra water then no root rot will happen, root rot is the most common problem with adenium plant so always try to add sand on soil mix so that we can make well drain potting soil mix for our adenium plant.

B) Adenium Water requirement :-

      Desert Rose or adenium plant is sun loving plant require very less water we do not have to give water every day. Instead we can give water after every 5-6 days and this is best practice for adenium plant this rule will change if we are living in hot climate.

a) Give water after every 5-6 days and maintain this time gape as excess water will damage adeinum roots system and will allow fungus to grow.

b) Fill the pot with water after every 20 days so every single root system get the required water, and after this don't give water to your plant for few days.

C) Adenium sunlight requirement :-

      Sunlight is the basic requirement for adenium plant for his growth and overall development of roots, stem and leaves. Sunlight in winter season is must so that adenium plant can bloom and maintain healthy roots, this practice is done because in winter water take time to evaporate and will stay in pot for longer time so keeping adenium plant in full sunlight and also giving less water. This will save our adeinum plant for longer time.

 a) Giving sunlight to the Adenium plant for atleast 5-7 hours in winter & less water compare to summer season.

 b) In summer season you can give minimum 3 hours or full day sunlight as it is an outdoor plant.

D] Adenium plant pot selection :-

Best pot for Adenium plant is to go for any size or shape as it can grow in any pot size but it will look good in the wider one and with less height it will looks good in the less height pot as roots become thick and visible which add beauty to our andeium plant as they store water in there roots system .
a) Pot selection Short in height and wider in shape (looks beautiful when Adenium roots are visible).

b) Adenium soil mixture must be correct as mention above for the great roots development.

E) Fungicide sparay :-

Fungus attack is very common problem for adenium plant so we have to spray fungicide after every 15 days also we can spray fungicide on plant leaves & stem. Fungicide play very important role in adenium plant care as fungicide will not allow fungus to grow on plant.

Image shown above is perfect example of saving adenium form root rot problem as keeping adenium plant out of soil will solve problem of fungus as fungus cannot grow in dry part.