Why Rose plant cutting die off after new shoots of leaf

Why does Rose plant cutting die off after new shoots of leaf

Rose plant

        Rose plant which is a symbol of love, and we can grow them easily within our boundaries i.e. at home with a wonderful experience and no cost, let us see how.

So in this article, we will use a simple method for growing rose plants by Cutting, Firstly watch a video if you want to learn in video format but the video is in the Hindi language.

Now after seeing the video you have got the trick of growing rose plant cutting naturally, or we have the option to grow it from rooting hormone. Both methods are best at their place and we will get the result in both methods but I have a slightly more bend on using rooting hormone as this ensures 100% result.

Best time to grow rose from cutting:-

Rose plant growing season is the spring season and winter season, but roses grow best in cold weather grafting can be done in cold climates as we will get higher results in this season.

Why grafting as the rose plant can produce a large no. of variety of flowers and rare roses the cost will increase so we can do rose grafting the image displayed below is an example of grafting.
rose plant die off
Growing rose from cutting is not a simple task as the maximum condition must be fully fulfilled for eg. the temperature must be nearly 10 - 25 degrees or less and also the cutting must be grown with the rooting hormone.

If you want to learn the grafting simply watch the video :      

Does Rose plant cutting need Rooting Hormone?

In growing a rose plant cutting rooting hormone plays a very important role as without rooting hormone  chances become 50 - 50 and with rooting hormone, 90% chances increase as the plant gets a jump of growing of roots in the soil & 10% is being skipped because of not having a perfect condition such as :

1] Certain rise in temperature

2] Rose cutting exposed to sunlight

3] Excess water is given

4] Moisture is not maintained

5] Rose cutting gets a movement/shake

Brief on the above points:

Growing rose from cutting is a critical task, Rose plant cutting generally gives results in 15 - 20 days if all the conditions are perfect and if there are any changes in any of the above points then the problem may occur, if the temperature rises then cutting will not able to produce root and amount of energy will get lost and finally rose plant cutting will die off

Also if rose plant cutting is kept in sunlight then heat will make cuttings dry and rose cutting will die off, because direct sunlight will take all moisture from cutting, or else if cutting is kept in over watering then because of water logging cutting will die as more water will lead to growing fungus and the fungus is the main element which spoils new roots and cutting will die off, so in this case, only moisture must be maintained so that required amount of water can be absorbed for roots growth and rose cutting can grow easily.

Conclusion :

The reason for Rose plant cutting die off after new shoots of the leaf is that conditions must be correct in which temperature plays a very important role. So go for a cold climate and we can also go for the growing season i.e. spring season.