How to grow money plant in water bottle

   How to grow Money Plant in a water bottle:

Growing money plants in water bottles is a very tricky method and for the best result use small cutting & with roots on cutting for better and fast results.

Money plants are indoor plants and can survive in water as well as in soil if you want to grow a money plant in water certain conditions are required so below we will learn in detail about how to grow a money plant in a water bottle.

How to grow Money Plant cutting in water:-

Selection of a healthy money plant is very necessary because healthy cutting will show very fruitful results and also it will grow fast.
To grow money plant we have to cut with roots on it as shown in the picture these roots will help the money plant to grow fast and cutting must have at least 2 leaf nodes set so that the money plant can grow new buds or shoot from the leaf end.
Use a small cutting of nearly 5 to 6 inches for the best result, and also the fresh cutting with fresh leaves must be taken, so that the plant gets the best possible condition for survival.

Remove Unwanted/Damage leaves:-

money plant leaves
Unwanted & damaged leaves should not be taken with small cutting as it can reduce plant growth, so always remove damaged leaves as shown in the picture and also take fresh cutting so that money plant feels healthy and focus on growth in the water bottle, also damage leaf will allow the fungus to grow and if once fungus grow then money plant cutting will not grow and will rot.

Changing water:-

In growing money plant cutting water plays a very important role, so always try to give fresh water and also chemical-free water, if you are using tap water then it must not have chlorine contained in it, the best is to keep water for 3 days and then use it.
We can also use Filtered water best for growing money plants in water as it doesn't contain any extra chemicals and money plants will grow very fast

Also, keep an eye on the water bottle for mosquito larvae as they grow in fresh water so make a habit of keeping an eye on it and also changing the water after every 6 to 7 days.
Changing water will help your money plant cutting to grow more roots as fresh roots will encourage more growth hormone and finally we will get more fibrous roots.

Sunlight Requirement:-

Sunlight is not necessary during growth, in simple words sunlight requirement is very less only bright light will do its work and will make our money for plant cutting to grow. So the best place for growing money plants cutting in a water bottle is near a window away from direct sunlight. If sunlight is given then it will burn all leaves and also can damage new roots so avoid direct sunlight and also keep in a bright location.

Fertilizer Requirement:-

Fertilizers play an important role in growing money plants in water as fertilizer will allow money plants to absorb nutrients from the water and maintain their growth, if no fertilizer is given then growth will stop and after some time because of no nutrients in water money plant will feel leggy and will shed its leaves and will die after some time.


Growing money plants in water bottles is simple and easy but they will grow best in bright locations and changing water is necessary every week so that we can avoid mosquitoes and fungus growth in water. Fertilizers also play an important role in growing healthy cutting so once a month we have to fertilize our money plant cutting.

Happy Gardening