Grow money plant with big leaves (Get bigger leaves on pothos)

How to grow money plants or pothos with big leaves

We all have money plants in our homes and we all want a healthy money plant with big leaves what we can do to increase the size of the leaves and also maintain the rich look of the money plant.

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The following points will help you to solve problems related to the Money Plant/Pothos.

  1. Money plant/Pothos is a leaf-producing plant so it requires less amount of sunlight as it cannot bear harsh sunlight.
  2. Money plants/Pothos require high nutrients to produce more leaves and big leaves.
  3. Money plants/Pothos require a moisture-type climate for better growth and fast growth.
  4. Money plant/Pothos if given a big pot then it will grow fast and strong.
  5. Money plants/Pothos are given less water then they will produce bigger leaves.
  6. Choose the correct variety which is capable of producing bigger leaves.

we can have more than 50+ points but the following points are more important and can only be taken under consideration.


Fertilizer for money plant is very important as it has the property of continuously growing, and producing new and fresh leaves so always give fertilizer to money plant after every 25 days as it will absorb most of the nutrients from the soil.

What type of fertilizer can be given to the money plant: organic and chemical fertilizers can be given to the money plant as we want a healthy and big leaf so fast that we can add NPK fertilizer to the money plant pot. If we want to go for organic fertilizer then we can give used tea vermicompost or cowdung.

Sunlight Requirement

Bright & indirect light will help your money plant to boost its growth.

Money plants require bright light but no direct sunlight as the high temperature or a sudden temperature change will make the leaf burn of money plants.

So keeping the money plant in a bright location will make you happy and also maintain moisture for its better growth.

How to get a big leaf

If we want a bigger leaf on the money plant then we have to do some to work maintain the moisture in nearby surroundings and also give less water. But how to maintain moisture we have to give the money plant stick to our plant, and then give only water through spray, with this method we can have bigger leaves on the money plant. Also adding liquid fertilizer to the spray will provide extra nutrients to aerial roots and this will allow money plants/Pothos to grow big leaves.

Fertilizer types

For fast results we can give liquid fertilizer which can be both organic or chemical, so for chemical many ready-made options are available but for organic, we have limited options i.e. used tea, mustard cake, cow dung, vermicompost


The final words but most important word is that we have to take care of our money plants just like babies as they are very delicate because a sudden temperature rise will make our healthy money plants unhappy and may damage leaves.

If you want your money plant to produce lots of green leaves then we have to add a growing stick for its healthy growth.