Adenium Plant : Soil Mixture, Guide and Tips

Adenium Plant: Soil Mixture, Guide and Tips

Adenium also known as Desert Rose: Adenium plants are desert plants and they love the dryness in soil, so giving less water to Adenium will make the desert rose happy, as giving more water will damage the caudex of adenium

Nowadays Adenium is getting popular as they are producing very beautiful flowers and also because of the beautiful caudex. So the demand for beautiful desert rose plants is very high, also the price of the plant is very high so we have to take care of our adenium. Here are some of the tips and tricks that can make your adenium happy and also detailed information on the soil mixture of adenium/desert rose.

How to make Adenium soil mixture / Desert Rose soil mixture :


1) Garden topsoil

2) Sand/perlite

3) Cocopeat

4) Fertilizers

5) well drainage pot

6) Healthy adenium plant

Making of adenium plant soil mixture is very tricky, as adenium plant need dryness in the soil, the mixture must have more part of sand in it so that the water does not hold for much of the time, as the sand will not absorb the water and the water will drain out of the soil mixture.

* let's talk about the % of soil mixture required in the soil mixture of adenium / Desert rose
Garden topsoil will be 40% + sand will be  25% + cocopeat 20% + 5 % will be the fertilizer & 10 % will be gravels

1) Garden topsoil:-

                 Garden topsoil is very important as both macro & micro nutrient present in it is very important for the development of adenium plant and roots. So 40% of the soil mixture will be the garden topsoil.

2) Sand:- 

                As the Adenium is a desert rose plant it loves the sand and the sand also allows it to spread roots easily also water holding capacity is not good this will not allow water to stay, also it can grow a thick root system so it requires the loose soil mixture and the sand will work great on the soil mixture.

3) Cocopeat:-

                   Adenium requires less water so the soil mixture contains most part of the sand so the water does not stay in the soil and is drained out, at this time the cocopeat works great and holds the water in the soil and allows adenium roots to absorb water from the soil.

4) Fertilizer:-

                  The desert plant does not require fertilizer most of the time as the desert doesn't have in it plant survive most of the time with fewer nutrients in the soil, but at the time of flowering they need some part of extra nutrients so at times we can give them the organic fertilizer in form of compost in the soil mixture to make soil rich in nutrients.

5) Well drain system:-

                Well drainage system in the soil mixture of adenium plants is important. If the water stays for a longer time then the water will damage the root system and may lead the plant to die. So the drainage system must be very good and this can only be possible when the drainage hole in the pot is very good.

All this depends on a healthy adenium plant if the plant is healthy then all these things will work and if the plant is not healthy then the condition may go beyond the condition so the selection of an adenium plant is also important in the good soil mixtuer system.