How to make Bonsai soil mixture

How to make Bonsai soil mixture 

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Bonsai Soil making is very tricky as the soil must have correct ratio of all the mixture as more percentage  of  any particular will lead to dryness in soil or sogginess, lets talk about the contents to be added in soil mixture to make best soil mixture.

1) Garden top soil

2) Sand

3) Fertilizer

4) Cocopeat

Let's discuss about them and how to make the mixture in what ration : -

Ratio will be
* Garden top soil   60%
* Sand                   10 %
* Fertilizer            10%
* Cocopeat           10%  
                            100% (Bonsai Soil mixture)

1) Garden top soil :-

 Garden top soil, garden soil is best for the nutrients for the plants as the plant will grow well only when the nutrients in the soil are maximum and in best ratio, as the nutrients decrease plant/bonsai growth stop. So on regular basis the fertilizer must be given. As the fertilizer will increase the nutrients content and the plant/Bonsai growth will increase.

2) Sand :-

Sand in the Bonsai Mixture is very important as sand will play the best role in draining water as sand will not hold the water and will allow the water to drain easily out of pot from drainage hole. And the root will also spread easily in the bonsai soil mixture.
But the sand doesn't contain any nutrient in the soil so we have to mix fertilizer in the soil for best growth of roots and plants.

3) Fertilizer :-

                     Fertilizer play important role in the growth of Bonsai Soil Mixture as the soil contain in pot is very less so on regular basis the fertilizer giving is very important. As plant/Bonsai growth depends on supply of nutrients in soil and if the nutrients decrease then the growth of plant will also decrease.

                    Timing of fertilizer given is also important as the best season of fertilizer is in growing season because plant require nutrients in his growing period and slow releasing fertilizer are best.


4) Coco-peat :-

                      Coco-peat is very light material and allow the roots to grow best as roots can spread easily because of light weight in nature. And also the plant health increases as it can grow more fiber roots to grab nutrients from soil, so adding the cocopeat in soil mixture is essential for the benefit of plant/bonsai

So this is the easiest way to make the Soil Mixture for Bonsai or Bonsai soil mixture for the Bonsai and the mixture will have enough nutrients in the soil for the plant for 1 year and then we have to replace the bonsai with new soil mixture after one year and meanwhile the fertilizer must be added periodically so that the does not feel the deficiency of nutrients