How to make money plant leaves bigger (get big money plant leaves)

How to make money plant leaves bigger (get big money plant leaves)

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How to Grow Big leaf on money plant

Getting a Big leaf on a money plant is a very fruitful experience, the money plant is very common plant and is loved by everyone and also can be grown in all climates, especially in moisture type of climates, money plants grow very well in sheds type of environment. Always keep the money plant in bright light condition for better growth, healthy and bushy money plant.

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How to Fertilize Money Plant :


Money plants is an evergreen plants and leafy plants They require nitrogen-rich fertilizers which can be given in the growing season we can give additional nutrient-rich fertilizer, but if we want money plants to grow big leaves then we have to give fertilizer every 25 to 30 days.

Chemical fertilizer must be avoided in money plants as chemical fertilizer can damage money plant roots as roots also store water in it. Try to go for organic-rich fertilizer and maintain a healthy moisture level so that it can grow more leaves and also grow long and strong.

What can be given in the form of fertilizer?

Fertilizer for a plant is very important for its overall growth, if the plant is in a container then the requirement for fertilizer increases because of limited room for roots and soil nutrients. All nutrients are absorbed by plants so giving fertilizer to the plant every 25 to 30 days is necessary for money plant.

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Best Location for Money plant

The best location for a money plant is a place where it can get morning or evening sunlight for a maximum of 2 hours, in this condition Money plant will grow best and produce a maximum size of leaf and will also show good signs of health also money plant branches will become rigid in nature.

Money plants can be kept in windows and also side of the main door to get maximum bright light. Money plants require lots of humid environments for proper growth and development so always maintain moisture around them and also give balanced fertilizers so that overall development can take place, money plants can grow big leaves and also more leaves on them.

How to water Money plant

Maintaining moisture is a good thing but giving excess water will lead the money plant to produce more leaves but the size of the leaf will reduce. The best is to give water limited and doing regular spray is good aerial roots can absorb more water from spray water and this will make your money plant to produce bigger leaves

So always give the limited water and maintain the moisture with the spray or just sprinkle the water on the money plant twice a day in the summer season and once in the winter season.

Additional tips :

Succulents can be saved in hot summer and also from dry hot air under the money plant's big leaf as the money plant continuously evaporates moisture in surroundings, and maintains moisture in the nearby area, also money plant is known as an air purifier plant.

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