How to make rooting hormone at home

How to make rooting hormone at home

rooting hormone honey

                     Rooting hormone is very important in propagation & development of roots of new cutting as the rooting hormone will make the cutting root fast and with 100% success if the proper condition is given to the different types of cutting, so let learn how to make rooting hormone at home

How to make rooting hormone at home 

         Making of rooting hormone at home and from kitchen only requires two thing i.e. the honey and the cinnamon in power form as both will work as anti fungal and enhance or force the cutting to produce roots and the result we will get will be at 100% successful rate also the important thing is that the right environment and the condition i.e. temperature is also important at the same time as the cutting will grow only in the right condition, and the best time to grow cutting is the spring/rainy season also some of the cutting doesn't require the rooting agent to produce roots but we can give the home made rooting hormone for great result

Rooting hormone

Rooting hormone

1] Honey
2] Cinnamon powder

So let's start with homemade rooting hormone they can be made from two thing i.e. honey and cinnamon

1] Honey:-

honey rooting hormone

Honey is a natural rooting agent that enable the plant cutting to produce roots or force the cutting to produce roots and honey also has anti fungal properties so the cutting which we had planted in the soil will give the best result as the fungus will not attack whenever we will apply the honey on the cut area

and not only the honey we can give the mix of cinnamon and honey both on the cutting so that the maximum possibilities is given to the plant cutting to produce roots. This is the simplest way to apply  rooting hormone to the cutting i.e. applying both at the same time.

2] Cinnamon powder:-

          Cinnamon powder is available in most of the kitchen as they are used in many of the vegetable and the pulses making at home, so availability of the Cinnamon powder is very easy and also the Cinnamon powder act as rooting agent in the plant cutting and will help the plant to produce the roots without getting the fungus attach as the Cinnamon powder will not allow the fungus to grow.

As the fungus will attack new roots and will not allow the cutting to grow new roots so in this we have to allow the Cinnamon powder so that the roots can grow new roots easily and can give the result at best and the cutting will give the result best because no fungus attack will happen on the new cutting

Hear are some more benefit of Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder can also be used for anti ants as the Cinnamon powder is not accepted by ants as they cannot bear the taste and the smell of Cinnamon so Cinnamon powder has many properties and can be use in many places, you can also spray the Cinnamon powder on the top of soil and this will not allow the fungus to spread or grow in the top layer of soil.

so finally the selection of right cutting will result in best and also the right condition is also very important and the apply of homemade rooting hormone is also very essential for the development of new roots so by applying mixture of Cinnamon powder and the honey will result in growing of the cutting you can see the video above
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