Top 15 plant cuttings grow in monsoon season

 Top 15 plant cuttings grow in monsoon season

1.) Rose plant cutting
2.) Hibiscus plant cutting
3.) Bougainvillea plant cutting
4.) Money plant cutting
5.) Jade plant cutting
6.) Snake plant cutting 
7.) Adenuim plant cutting
8.) Kalanchoe plant cutting
9) Ficus plant cutting
10.) Banyan tree cutting
11.) Mogra plant cutting
12.) Marigold plant cutting
13.) Portulaca plant cutting
14.) Tulsi plant cutting
15) Champa plant cutting
cuttings we can grow in rainy season

Above mention plants we can easily grow in rainy season, but growing them is not that easy as every plant require different soil mix and also moisture requirement.

1) Rose Plant Cutting:- 

We can grow rose plant cutting in rainy season and in winter season, and growing media must be loose enough so that rose cuttings can grow roots easily, also soil mix must have water holding capacity so that it can hold water and cutting doesn't feel dry.
Also environment play very important role in growing rose from cutting so try to give suitable environment or we can cover rose cuttings with poly bag to maintain climate or temperature.

2.) Hibiscus plant cutting:-

Hibiscus cuttings can be grown in three ways as in water, in soil, and by air-layer all 3 methods are good and perfectly to grow hibiscus cuttings but in all three condition moisture is very important, maintain moisture and you will make hibiscus propagation easy.

a) Water propagation : Water propagation for hibiscus can be done in indoor condition and after 20 days it will develop new roots and will show growth in leaf part after more 10 days we can easily transfer them in loose soil and keep hibiscus cutting in shedy are for more than a month then we can keep our plant in sunlight.
b) Air-Layering Method : For air layer method we have to select a branch it must be pencil size cutting and after that select area where we have to do air-layer hibiscus plant and at that place we can remove plant bark upto 1 to 2 inches so that new roots can grow and we can have separate hibiscus cutting.
c) Soil Propagation : For soil propagation perfect time is monsoon season as cuttings can root in this season fast and easy, try in loose soil mix for fast and 100% result. 

3.) Bougainvillea Cutting:-

Easiest way to make bougainvillea bonsai is to grow it from cutting just we have to take thick cutting and then we can easily grow in monsoon season or by using a poly bag. Poly bag will help to maintain required temperature and will allow new shoot to develop and bougainvillea cutting can grow.
If we don't have thick cutting then we can go for thin pencil size cutting and we have to follow same method to grow bougainville cutting.
Soil requirement is loose soil mix and also which have water holding capacity (50% cocopeart + 30% soil + 20% vermicompost)

4.) Money plant cutting:-

Money plant cutting can be grown in many ways and is everything right it will grow very fast, we can also grow them from single leaf cutting if interested watch video above.
For propagation of money plant we require lots of moisture. Money plant can easily develop roots in water but they grow very less in water bottle, and in soil they grow very slow but we get very strong plant. 
Soil mix for money plant is 50% sand and 50% soil this soil mix will make money plant to grow more roots and after we see new growth we can report our money plant in bog pot.

5.) Jade plant cutting:-

Jade plant are famous for Bonsai as they grow very fast on pruning if we prune our jade plant on every new growth then we can get a bonsai with thick trunk within 2 years.
How to grow jade cuttings for this we have to take well drain soil mix i.e 60% sand & 20%soil & 20% soil.
Giving less water will make our jade cutting to grow fast and root rot problem will also be solve.