How to get Maximum flowers on Adenium in 2023

Adenium plant

Adenium also known as desert rose plant as they love the dryness in nature and will grow best in summer season, so the main question is how to get maximum flowers on adenium plant.

Adenium flowering season

Mainly Adenium show maximum flowering in summer season as it is sun loving plant also known as desert rose but we can get flowers in all season just we have to take extra care and have to give suitable condition to our desert rose so that it can flower and produce seed, let us discuss how to work on it and always maintain the healthy adenium.

Healthy adenium Plant

Most important thing to remember is how to maintain healthy adenium plant as only healthy adenium will produce maximum no of flowers. So always give less amount of water and also we must have well drainage soil in the pot, so that required amount of water is being absorbed by adenium and excess water drain out of pot, also the pot must have more than 3 holes for better drainage system.

Pot selection

Pot selection also play very important role in getting maximum flowers in adenium plant as small pot generally get lack of nutrients in soil easily and big pot hold nutrients in soil for longer period of time also adenium plant get bigger in big pot which hold more nutrient in it. Yes it can grow easily in smaller pot but if our purpose is to get maximum flower then minimum 10 inches size pot is good for our adenium plant.

Proper Fertilizer

Proper and right amount of fertilizer make adenium plant happy and also we can get maximum blooming, in fertilizer we can give both chemical and organic fertilizer as both fertilizer will do best and also after the end of winter season adenium love the intake of fertilizer.


  1. Chemical fertilizer : This fertilizer will boost the speed of producing flowers in adenium, we can give the potash rich fertilizer and also bone meal powder fertilizer, also DAP will do best in production of good amount of flowers. N.P.K. 19:19:19 will also work but it will help the adenium in over all development so giving N.P.K. once in every 45 days can make our adenium healthy and caudex will also grow more thicker.
  2. Organic fertilizer : Organic fertilizer will make the soil good and also the health of adenium will also increase and will make the adenium to give maximum flowers so it can be a right choice to use organic fertilizer but the result will take time, so generally gardener use more of the mixture of chemical and organic fertilizer, which can be good for us but if excess of chemical is added in soil then the adenium plant may function improper and may result in no flowering. Organic Fertilizer include (vermi compost, cow dung, goat dung, rabbit dung, leaf compost, etc.)

How to water Adenium plant

Giving water to the adenium is very tricky as the adenium require very less water and but they require water if we don't give water to adenium then we can see the wrinkles on caudex this is the indication of less water given to adenium plant and this will lead to no flowering on adenium, so always given right amount of water to get maximum flowers on adenium.

Sunlight Requirement

Sunlight is the key to get maximum number of flowers on adenium, as adenium plant will get maximum flowers only if the plant get enough sunlight and the summer season is best to get maximum flowers, also it can produce flowers in winter season if kept ion sunlight for more than 12 hours

Proper sunlight make adenium to produce lots of flowers and as we get flowers we can do hand pollination to get adenium seeds and can have our own seed pot, also we can grow adenium seedling in summer season and in rainy season.


Adenium plant is a summer plant and giving less water with proper fertilizer will make our adenium healthy and will get maximum flowers on adenium plant. Keep adenium plant away form heavy rain (keep indoor).

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