How to get maximum rose

How to get Maximum roses with followings :
Rose plants are best plant for collection in our garden, i my collection i have more than 10 variety of rose and it give me a good feeling as i receive a rose flower as a gift after every 2 to 3 days.
Happiness come with us as if we have positive energy around us and flowers are best source of positive energy, always try to have a rose plant in our collection as it will make our day a beautiful day from its beauty and also form pleasent smell.

How to get Maximum Roses :-

1) Removing Rose seed bud :-
Removing Rose seed bud after flowering is very important because if rose seeds bud is ignored than rose plant will give more importance on producing seeds and will give less importance to rose flowers as plant main motive is to propagate and increase themselves

We have to remove rose seed pod  for next flowering.

2) Gudai / Tilling krni hai upto 2 inch :-
Gudai or tilling is very important as this improve air flow and also allow top layer soil to absorb more nutrients and also soil become loose and loose soil will allow to produce new fibrous roots and this process in rose plant will make your rose plant to produce maximum flowering.
Also this process can be done in another way i.e. removing top layer of soil up to 2 inches and adding new soil with fertilizer in it and this will make your rose plant to produce more flowering as your plant will get more nutrient from soil.

3) Sunlight :-
Sunlight play very important role in rose flowering as rose plant require minimum of 4 hour of sunlight in winter season and maximum 8 hours, for flowers we have to keep our rose plant in sunlight as this is very natural process and this will make your rose plant happy and will produce maximum roses.

sunlight will make rose plant to get maximum blooming

4) Removing of old leaves:-
Removing of old leaves is very important because it will allow fungus to grow as leaves in contact to soil will make them decompose and during this process fungus will grow and also this fungus can attack on rose plant roots. So always try to clean pot regularly and maintain fertility in soil.
5) Selecting multiple Rose bud producing plant :-
This is smart work as by doing this we are making our job easy as selecting rose plant which produce flower more than one is excellent and also maintaining more fertility in soil is also very important as more flowers will require more nutrients in soil.

6) How to water :-
Watering of rose plant is very important if give more then it is a problem and if given less then it is a problem, so always try to maintain balance i.e. rose plant doesn't love much water as winter season don't allow much water to evaporate from soil so. Also fungus will grow and lead to rose plant die.
So always maintain how to water and also maintain time after every watering cycle i.e. water rose plant after every 5 to 6 days in winter season.
7) Removing red soil :-
Rose plant grow very well in Red soil but the problem is that red soil become very hard in absence of water just like stone, so not recommended and if rose plant grown with red soil then it will die in summer season, so always try to grow in loose soil mix. you can watch the video below if you want to learn in a video fromat