What is Bonsai tree explain

What is Bonsai

In simple term Bonsai can be explained that it is a miniature representative of the big trees all around the world with different shapes it came from the word "Bon-sai" means plant in the container.

Its is Japanese art of growing a small tree which is grown in pot and not allowed to grow in its actual shape and size.

Every bonsai is having its own characteristic & beautiful shape lets talk about the shapes :-

Bonsai is the plant in the container / pot and the container/ pot is also very special in shape and size, they are different from the normal pot, and using the special pot will add to the beauty to the Bonsai plant.
If the bonsai plant is having good shape and if the pot of the container is not in the good shape then keeping bonsai will not add to the beauty

There are many shape of bonsai and we can go with the easy one with the starter shape i.e. the Umbrella style , Informal upright style & many more bonsai style .

From where and how Bonsai technique came :-

The bonsai is tree which represent the big tree image in a short height and with the less soil so, it was difficult to maintain the big tree in house so the Japanese invented the bonsai technique and the given the shape to the small plant which give exact image of the big tree, 

By this technique many people got attracted and they also tried to make the bonsai and by the time passed there was the village where all the people were having the bonsai in their house and the competition started and the more better & better shapes were introduces and this bonsai,

as the time passed the Bonsai technique was liked globally & introduced all over the world and now ... many of us are having our favorite Bonsai with us and we all are trying to get better and better.

All plants can be converted in bonsai but time taken is different and also we have to take care of them by giving fertilizer on right time as bonsai pot is small and plant will feel lack of nutrients in soil.