Why my hibiscus is not flowering (gudhal ka phool)

 Why my hibiscus is not flowering (gudhal ka phool)

Hibiscus (gudhal ka phool) plant are the most famous flowering plant, and also loved by everyone because of different flower shade, but in certain condition they stop flowering and this make us unhappy.

Solution to non flowering of hibiscus are many and we can solve them with some tips and tricks.
hibiscus flower

Reason could be many but all can be overcome with some small changes let us discuss reason:

1) Climate changes
2) Watering too much
3) Lack of sunlight
4) Infertile soil

1) Climate changes:

Climate condition play very important role in hibiscus flower (gudhal ka phool)  production, as hot temperature is loved by hibiscus and they generally grow very slow in winter season and also stop flowering. Sudden fall in temperature and sudden rise make hibiscus to get in shock and it stop flowering.

2) Watering too much in Hibiscus plant (gudhal ka phool):

Hibiscus plant love water but giving too much water will create major problem and this may lead to loss of leaves and also fungus grow in roots and this can damage root system and once roots get damage then it is difficult to revive our hibiscus plant, this can create problem of less flowering

3) Lack of sunlight:

Hibiscus plant is sun loving plant and giving full day of sunlight will make hibiscus grow healthy, minimum sunlight requirement for healthy growth is 4 hour so always try to keep hibiscus in right direction so that sunlight help hibiscus plant to make its food and can produce flower.

4) Infertile soil: 

Hibiscus plant consume more of nutrients from soil as they continuously produce flower, so giving fertilizer in container is very important and also we have to give organic fertilizer so that nutrients plus soil quality get improve and plant can absorb most of the fertilizer from soil.
Fertilizer can be given after every 30 to 35 days this will make your hibiscus to grow more leaves and more leaves means more food this will make your hibiscus to produce more flower.


We must not only follow these four point many more other condition also make your hibiscus to not flower so we can easily solve hibiscus plant (gudhal ka phool) not flowering problem by just observing our plant and following above points.