Why Tulsi plant die in winter- Tulsi Vivah

Why Tulsi plant die in winter 
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Tulsi plant generally are very sensitive to winters, so we have to take extra care for tulsi plant as extra cold climate make tulsi plant to go in dormancy or growth of tulsi plant get very slow. 

And main reason they die is extra care and over watering. So we need to take extra steps to save our tulsi plant, also tulsi plant get insect attack and this could also be reason of tulsi plant die.

3 Main reason to Tulsi plant die

1.) Winter season
2.) Over watering
3.) Pest attack
tulsi plant

1.) Winter season:

Tulsi plant grow very well in all season but we have to take extra care in winter season as in winter season tulsi plant face cold climate and also fog in air and this can damage tulsi plant leaf, also water giving practice is for everyday and in winter season water doesn't dry fast and this make tulsi plant die fast as tulsi plant love little bit of dryness and in winter season soil will not dry.

Solution: Solution for this is always checking soil moisture level before giving water and keeping tulsi plant in full sunlight.

2.) Over watering Tulsi plant:

Tulsi plant generally die because of over watering in winter season as tulsi plant love water only when soil is dry. And in winter season soil hold water for longer period and giving water on daily basis make tulsi plant to die because of over watering, also fungus grow and can damage tulsi plant roots and stem near soil.
Solution: Winter season will not allow water to dry from soil so we have one solution i.e giving less water or giving water only when soil is dry.

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3.) Pest attack on tulsi plant:

Tulsi plant will not get peat attack in any season except in winter season as tulsi plant get weak in this season so small black insect attack on tulsi plant leaves and by this tulsi plant die, small insect suck leaf nutrient and this make tulsi plant ill and because of this tulsi plant die within a week.
Solution: Pest attack is very harmful to all plants and this can lead to plant die solution is to wash plant whenever we give water to plant just sprinkle water on whole plant and if we see pest attack then we have to use neem oil spray to protect tulsi plant.

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