Why jade plant leaves fall and die

Why jade plant leaves fall

Jade plant are very beautiful plants and generally they grow very well, but in certain condition they die or fall their leaves and in this article we will discuss why they die or fall leaves and also in addition to this they are good bonsai material and beginners can work on jade plant in making them in bonsai.

jade plant
Jade plant

Why jade leaves fall:-

Jade plant love sunlight and grow very well in outdoor condition also giving less water will make your jade plant healthy but in some condition our jade plant die reason behind this is -

1.) Soil mixture is not good and doesn't allow water to drain
2.) We are giving too much water
3.) Giving sunlight for less than 3 hours
4.) Not fulfilling water requirements
5.) Keeping Jade indoor for longer period of time

First let us learn how to make jade Bonsai then we will learn how to solve jade plant related problems.

 How to make Jade Plant Bonsai

jade bonsai
Jade plant Bonsai 1 year age (before)
jade bonsai
Jade plant Bonsai 2 year age (after)

Jade plant is simple & easy plant to make a Bonsai, this plant is an desert plant and require lots of sunlight and less water. Follow the steps and you will get your bonsai plant very fast.

1) Take a Mature jade plant or let the plant to grow for at least 5-6 months in a larger pot.

2) After point no. 1 decide the shape you want to style the Jade Bonsai plant.

3) Now take the jade plant and see the shape & observe, is it taking the actual shape or not.

4) If jade plant is not going to the right direction the right shape then we have to use wiring technique to bend branch & make plant to come in right shape.

Some tips of Bonsai style of shape:-

a) Formal upright Bonsai style
b) Umbrella style bonsai
c) Root over rock style (my favorite)
d) Twin trunk Bonsai style.

* You can use your mind creativity also & decide the shape*

Now do some experiments all  the best ....

Jade plant leaf falling off:
jade plant leaves fall

1.) Soil mixture:

Soil mix play very important role in jade plant health as plant will grow very well in rich organic and well drain soil, let me explain- as jade plant in desert plant and can survive dry condition so giving more water or everyday water will harm our jade plant, try to give less water and right amount of water.
Good soil mix is - 60% Soil + 30% sand + 10% compost.

2.) Water giving habits to jade plant:

Jade plant store water in it's leaves you can also feel by pressing them enough water will come out, it means that they require less water and in giving more water they will die off because of excess water and fungus attack.
Also giving less water will shrink jade plant leaves and then plant may die, so try to  give right amount of water this will make your jade plant healthy.

3.) Sunlight requirement for jade plant:

Jade plant love sunlight for maximum hours, but sometime seller sell jade by saying it is indoor plant and because of less knowledge people keep it in indoor and this lead jade plant to leaves fall.
For 1 or 2 days we can keep our jade indoor but after that we have to give sunlight to jade plant.


Jade plant are type of succulents and as succulents die because of excess water jade will also die and in jade i kept indoor it will drop its leaves because of less sunlight, keeping jade in sunlight is good for healthy jade plant and this will make jade to grow fast and strong, giving water after every 2 to 3 days in summers and 4 to 5 days in winter will make jade healthy and will not allow jade to fell it's leaves.