Top 5 vegetables to grow in September/October (winter season)

 Top 5 vegetables to grow in September/October

Growing own vegetable is good for our-self and for our family as self grown vegetable will taste in best and also will be away from chemical. As now days every one is going for maximum profit and for that seller are using chemicals for vegetable for good and fast production.

And with help of chemical fertilizer production is more with less time and effort, and for organic vegetable this is just reverse that more time and less production.
winter vegetable

Following vegetable we can grow in winter season :

1. Tomatoes
2. Coriander
3. Pea
4. Carrot
5. Radish
6. Onion
7. Cabbage
8. Fenugreek 
9. Spinach
10. Cauliflower
11. Cabbage
12. Potatoes

All vegetable require different type of soil composition and also different pot size and also soil mix so further we will discuss on this in detail.

1.) Tomatoes:


Growing tomatoes is very easy in primary stage but later getting tomatoes form tomato plant is not that easy as tomato plant will have to face some or the other issue, i.e. sudden change in climate or pest attack
Solution: Spray pesticide to keep pest away such as mealybugs or aphids and many more so that plant can grow more also fertilizer your plant as much as you can as it is very important as tomatoes plant require maximum nutrients to grow and produce fruit.

2.) Coriander: 

Growing Coriander is not that easy as they can only be grown in cool type of climate as excess sunlight will burn their leaves and will not allow to grow healthy, so try to grow them in winter if you are doing gardening at home.
Solution: Grow them in winter or in bright location, in winter they can be kept in full sunlight and in other season we can go for poly house or a shed location. For Fertilizer we can use vermi compost of decompose cow dung fertilizer.

3.) Pea vegetable:

Growing pea in container require some tip/trick i.e. if given a medium size pot and also given some bamboo stick to grow upward direction then we can harvest a lot more and also it can be saved from pest attack. Try to give pot minimum to 12 inches size as it this will allow pea to grow very well.
Fertilizer is also important as pea require more nutrients in formation of pea so give fertilizer after every 25 days so that nutrients can be absorb and we get healthy pea plant and right harvesting.

4.) Carrot:

Carrot can be grown in winter season and they will give you best result if given sandy type of soil or loose soil. If you want to grow carrot in container then it must be 18 inches deep and also 18 inches wider for best production.
We can grow maximum 6 carrot in 18 inches pot this will give maximum production of crop and by this we can get maximum size of carrot if we grow more carrot then lack of nutrients will reduce size of carrot and growth will stop.

5.) Onion:

green onion
Onion one of my favorite vegetable to grow as they are full of nutrients for us also make our mind sharp and are easy to grow. Best season to grow them from rainy season to winter as they grow very fast in this season in summer they can't be grown as small leaf get burn and it is not easy to get onion bulb.
Fertilizer: Generally onion not require more fertilizer but giving once a month is good for growth and also they don't get pest attack so no need to worry we can harvest both grown onion and also mature onion bulb.

watch video for detail:

More vegetable is coming stay connected.