How to make coco peat at home and uses

How to make coco peat at home and uses

Coco peat is the best thing invented for gardeners as it has may positive points. Coco peat is used widely now days in our gardening activities and container gardening. Coco peat also help plant lover to grow plant and propagate them as coco peat allow plant roots to grow fast and easy.


Coco peat making

The most easiest way to make coco peat is firstly we have to collect some coconut for coconut husk or just buy dry coconut from market and peel off husk form coconut.

Secondly we have to separate soft husk form hard one and during this process we will see some left out part of coconut husk this is coco peat. So after separating soft part cut them in small pieces and then put them in grinder for crushing them and then we will get coco peat in 2 form i.e. powder and coconut fiber, now we can separate coco peat and coco fiber for our use and both product are very essential for gardening.

This process of making will fulfill our basic need of 2 to 3 pot but if you want more then a good suggestion is to buy it from market as from there we will get more coco peat in less time.

What is Coco peat  & how to use :

What is coco peat and how to use : This is very important question so let us discuss it, cocopeat is coconut fiber and it is natural component which decompose with time in soil so we can use it in any soil mix of plant, but the only downfall is that that it hold a lot of moisture in it so we have to be very careful in giving water to our plants as excess of water will make fungus problem.

But on other case it it very helpful for seedling which require water for longer period of time and cocopeat have ability to hold water this will make seedling or seeds to grow fast

tulsi seeds

Coco peat is very helpful in soil mix and also help in retaining moisture. let us discuss in detail below :

Coco peat is helpful in retaining moisture but coco peat also have downfall in some plant soil mix i.e. Adenium, cactus, succulents, in simple words some plants require very less water and coco peat will hold moisture for longer period of time so can damage some plant species so we can skip coco peat in some soil mix. Adenium can store large amount of water in it.

adenium plant

Image above we can see that adenium can hold lot's of water in it so on addition of coco peat will make  root rot problem and may kill plant.

Conclusion :

Every new invention have positive and negative effects so using them in right way will give us a positive impact and right profit, in simple words use of coco peat in right % will give us healthy plant and also we have to give less water as it can hold a particular part of water in it for longer period.

Adding coco peat in soil mix will make soil mix lighter in weight and make easy to hold and carry so best is to use in hanging pot as they hang all time this will increase life of pot also if we have coco peat in soil mix then by time it will decompose and will works as fertilizer.