How to make rooting Hormone for free

Free Rooting Hormone for plants

Growing Cutting or Propagating any plant or tree form cutting is having a wonderful experience in gardening. And if we can propagate any plant then we are having 2 benefit.

1. We can sell them and make money out of it.

2. We can have multiple plant at home with no cost.

cashew plant

Let us discuss how to propagate plant from cutting with and without rooting hormone, as plants can be grown in both condition i.e. rooting and without rooting hormone in this i will tell you free rooting hormone tips so read carefully.

What is Rooting Hormone ?

Rooting Hormone play very important role in production of roots, it also doesn’t allow fungus to grow, as the new small roots can get  attack of fungus in their primary stage of development. Always grow a new cutting with the help of some of the roots producing agent and it can be organic or chemical
in this article we will discuss about both in detail.

1) Organic Rooting Hormone

2) Chemical Rooting Hormone

1) Organic Rooting Hormone:-

      Organic Rooting Hormone is easily available in our kitchen. They are of 3 type and we can use them easily on any plants. And they are 

1. Honey

2. Aloe Vera gel 

3. Cinnamon powder

All 3 organic rooting hormone are available in kitchen and home and all are equally important also they don't give side effect to plant cuttings also maintain soil health and no chemical is present in them. Honey aloe and cinnamon have anti fungal properties so no fungus will grow and this will allow our plant cutting to produce roots.

cashew seedling

2) Chemical Rooting Hormone:- 

Now days most of the nursery owner are using Chemical rooting hormone for better result. As now days use of chemical is increasing and this is causing soil full of chemical and this can lead to illness of plant but using chemical rooting hormone we can make out cutting to grow by 99%.

Chemical rooting hormone will make your cutting grow also protect from fungus growth. We can easily get Chemical rooting hormone from amazon and cost of it is below 300 Rs. (4$)

How to make Rooting Hormone Video : 

Should we use Rooting Hormone ?

Rooting hormone plays very important role in development of plant roots the cutting which give the result in 15 days can be grown through rooting hormone and we can get the result in the early 10 days we can say that if the rooting hormone is given to a cutting then it will germinate fast and will show the result in less time.

It help gardener and the commercial organisation which do the business of Plant sell and purchase to get fast result and can increase the business with 99% of result and less amount of loss.


So finally we came to conclusion that if you want 100% result then you must use rooting hormone i.e. chemical of organic both will work but in this i want to add that growing any cutting will require right climatic condition. Best is to grow them in rainy season and this will make easy for cutting to grow as humid condition make plant cutting to grow fast and easy.

Happy Gardening