Why rose plant cutting not growing

 Why rose plant cutting not growing

Rose plant is the most beautiful plant and also known for its beautiful flower and pleasant smell, we have so many choice of which color rose plant we want to grow.
In this article we will learn how to properly grow rose from cutting, i will share my personal experience on how to grow rose from cutting and i failed 3 time and after learning from my mistake i finally grown rose from cuttings.

rose plant cutting

How to grow rose from cuttings?

1. Choosing right cutting is very important (Pencil size cutting is best).
2. Soil media must be loose enough (Roots will grow very fast and more).
3. Moisture in soil is important (cutting can absorb water all the time).
4. Rooting hormone will allow rose plant cutting to grow 100%.
5. Bright light is good for growing rose plant cutting (keep away from direct sunlight).
6. Pluck off all leaves (leaves take away all moisture form cutting so remove them).
7. You can cover it with poly bag ti retain moisture in cutting and soil.
8. Don't give fertilizer (new cutting don't need fertilizer for its growth).
9. Don't shake Rose plant cutting (moving your cutting will not produce roots).
10. Fungicide power can be applied if fungus growth is seen in soil.

rose cutting

Rose plant cutting Pot selection

Growing rose plant cutting is not very easy task as it will not grow if not given right pot and soil media and also soil mix play very important role in growth of rose cutting. Moisture is key to success for rose cutting as lack of moisture will not allow to grow new fiber roots. So maintain moisture all the time or we can cover it with poly bag to maintain moisture.

Rose cutting turning black

This is the main problem with rose plant cutting not growing i.e. they turn black from top or bottom this is mainly because of fungus attack, once rose cutting get this type of attack then whole branch or cutting get black and die.
Solution for this is to have control on water, fungus grow in excess moisture try to have control on water giving and fungus will not grow or we can give fungicide spray to avoid fungus attack.

When to transfer rose cutting

Rose plant cutting will develop its roots after 45 days and after that we can transfer in individual pot or big pot. Try to report rose cutting without damaging roots system as roots are not mature enough to handle shock.