How to make bonsai

How to make Bonsai

Training bonsai look easy but it is very difficult task, as it is time taking process and generally we loose patient over time, also sometime we make mistake by cutting wrong branches, training to bonsai can be done in many ways and lots of method are there so lets further talk about it.

banyan bonsai

Making bonsai can be done by following methods:-

1) Giving training to the roots.
2) Giving training to the stem.
3) Giving training to the branches.

1) Giving training to the roots:-

The first and important part of making bonsai is to give training to the plant roots system to live in the small size pot i.e. giving habit of living in the small pot or bonsai pot so that roots does not feel suffocation whenever they are reporter in the bonsai pot, because bonsai is the plant/tree which looks good in the small bonsai pot, Giving training to the roots is important and healthy for the plant so that plant does not feel suffocated whenever they are reported.

This can be done by shifting plant in smaller pot after every 6 to 8 months or on full development of root system.

2) Giving training to the stem:-

Giving training to stem means that giving bend to the stem and designing the position & the shape of the stem i.e. which shape it will take (S shape, formal upright or cascade style , semi cascade style , full cascade style) and many other. Giving shape to stem should be done with planning because as the stem become thick it will be difficult to bend & give shape so at the early stage of the bonsai plant we must give shape and also use the wire to shape our Bonsai plant
bonsai roots

3) Giving training to branches:-

Giving training to branches is the easiest part and the wonderful thing to do is we can give any Bonsai shape to plant, we have to use  wire and thread to give shape to branches of Bonsai tree/plant. firstly allow plant to grow its branches and thinking stem so that we get all required branches at right place and then we will decide shape Bonsai plant (umbrella style, s pattern umbrella style, twin trunk bonsai and many others which you like)
umbrella shape bonsai

Finally we can say that Bonsai plant/tree is fully depend on the trainer that what shape is to be given so hope you decide your bonsai shape and give training to the bonsai plant/tree.

Selection of plant will make our work 99% easy so whenever you go for a bonsai making try to go for a mature plant also it have some character in it, we can also hunt many plant from wild to make Bonsai.