Bougainvillea not growing

 Bougainvillea not growing 

bougainvillea bonsai

Bougainvillea plant is very hardy and beautiful plant. And in this article i will let you know why your bougainvillea plant is not growing and why it is not flowering.

In ground you will never see this type of situation but in container every thing is different -

1) Limited space for roots to grow.
2) Limited water for plant to absorb.
3) Limited nutrients for overall growth.
4) Limited air circulation.
5) Temperature fluctuation problem
6) Drainage problem
7) Limited amount of fertilizer

Considering all this problem we have so many solution so that our bougainvillea plant can grow and can give maximum flowering

1) Minimum pot requirement is 15 inches so that bougainvillea can have more space to grow roots and 15 inches is enough for bougainvillea plant for minimum 2 years.

2) Watering bougainvillea is very tricky and more water giving will make you bougainvillea to grow more and produce less flower and as bougainvillea produce beautiful colorful flower so we want flower on plant also so giving water on alternate day is god for bougainvillea, in winter we can give after every 5-6 days and in rainy season we don't have to give water.

3) As bougainvillea is leafy plant to it require nitrogen base fertilizer so that it can grow more and can produce flowers

bougainvillea flowers

4) Limited air circulation this is basic problem for your bougainvillea not growing as roots in pot doesn't get enough air flow i.e. oxygen and this will make root to suffer lack of energy and because of lack of energy roots will not absorb enough nutrients form soil and this lead to lack of growth in bougainvillea plant.

5) Temperature also play very important role in your bougainvillea not growing as bougainvillea in pot will have to suffer lots of temperature fluctuation as it is in small container and if planted in plastic container then its roots grown near plastic pot boundaries will die because pot getting hot from boundaries and this lead to stop of bougainvillea growth.
And if it is cold then also roots will get damage as cold climate will damage roots system.

6) Drainage problem for bougainvillea not growing in pot, also this is problem for all season as excess water is not loved by bougainvillea plant and this will make bougainvillea to stop its growth, dry condition can be given to bougainvillea plant but not watery condition.

7) Fertilizer must be given to bougainvillea after every 30-50 days as continuous growth and flowering make bougainvillea to boost its growth and if we miss giving fertilizer to bougainvillea in container then this will make bougainvillea not grow.
Best fertilizer is organic manure in solid and liquid form watch video on this for detail info:

Finally if we want to grow bougainvillea we have to take care of plant if bougainvillea not growing with simple 7 points above and this will make our bougainvillea to grow fast healthy and also this will make our bougainvillea plant to grow flowers.