Rose plant not flowering

Rose plant not flowering

Rose plant is the most beautiful plant and with lots of variety and easy to care at home, we can have 140 or more variety in the world.
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Rose plant require care in two season and they are winter & summer, imp. point to take under consideration is that the winter season is the best for the rose plant. But in summer season leaves of rose plant get burn because of excess heat and this is main reason that our rose plant is not flowering

Rose plant Winter season care:                               

1) Need sunlight                                                    
2) Need water after every 2 days                         
3) Soil should have good drainage system           
4) Fertilizer after every 30 days

Rose plant Summer season care:

1) Should be kept in semi sunlight or shed
2) Need water after every 1 day
3) Soil should have good drainage system

How to water Rose plant for flowering:-

Two type of season and two different ways to give water to rose plant. The summer season require lots of water to be given to all plants and also to the rose plant, so water should be give to rose plant is by evening so that plant doesn't feel dry out for next heating day. 
For winter season we will have to make a control over watering and have to give water every 3-4 days and also to take care of having control on over watering to rose plant.
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Detail for the Rose plant season wise:-

Winter season is best season to get more flower as in this season temperature fall and it is good for rose plant to get maximum flower as the rose plant love coolness in environment and also growth increases in winter season and roots system of the rose plant also get strong and the plant become healthy, so in the winter season the plant should be kept in the sunlight which is the basic requirement for rose plant if not flowering .

Summer season is the season where the temperature rises and the rose plant does not love heat and rising of temperature, so rose plant should be kept in shed area or the semi-sunlight or morning sunlight which is best for rose plants not flowering and also water is to be given to rose plant on regular basis so that plant does not feel dry out in the hot season.


Rose plant not flowering don't worry, i have a solution and this will make our rose plant to flower again firstly you have to give a fast absorbing fertilizer to rose plant so that rose plant can increase its growth, secondly give cowdung manure after 10 days as it has nitrogen in it and this will make rose plant to grow more and produce more flowering.
Finally we can give liquid fertilizer so that rose plant can fulfill all its macro and micro nutrients.