PRAKRATIK is Hindi term and meaning of Prakratik is close to nature. And in this blog we will learn how to come close to nature "HAPPY GARDENING"


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Top Oxygen giving plant Indoor/Outdoor

 Top Oxygen giving plant Indoor/Outdoor

oxygen giving plant

In this article i will share top indoor and outdoor plants which will improve our air quality form nearby surroundings and also from our house.

1.) Aloe Vera plant :-

aloevera plant

Aloe Vera plant is tropical plant and grow very well if given right environment, but you know that Aloe Vera plant is very helpful in giving fresh air also it remove toxins from air also it can replace air purifier.
we can keep Aloe Vera plant indoor and outdoor in both condition it will survive and will give us fresh oxygen. But Aloe Vera grow very well in semi shed condition.

Water requirement : Water is very low as it is a succulent plant so it store water in leaves and fulfill its requirement in drought condition.

2) Snake plant :-

snake plant

Snake plant the most common and rigid plant. Best thing about snake plant is once we purchase it will last forever as it continuously produce runner plant, but snake plant also known as purifier as they can remove CO2 from air in the night time also this quality of snake plant make it ideal to keep indoor.

Water requirement : It require very less water as it store some water in leaf and it can also survive without water up to 10 days.

3) Spider plant :-

spider plant

Spider plant is very beautiful and continuously cleaning air from near by surroundings. Spider plant is best house hold plant and can be kept outdoor away from direct sunlight. Spider plant can remove 80 - 90% cancer causing chemicals and formaldehyde from air.

Water Requirement : Water requirement is very less in winter season but in summer season we can give water after every 3 days as it store much part of water in roots as spider plant have tuber type of root system.

4) Money Plant :-

money plant

Money Plant is most beautiful and loved by everyone and we all want this plant. Let me tell benefits of growing it and you will thank me. Money plant is perfect air purifier also remove most of toxin air from near by surroundings such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene and many more.
Money plant also maintain cool environment nearby, and this quality make money plant a wonderful plant and it love indoor condition to bright light location.

Water requirement : Maintaining moisture is very important as money plant is leafy plant, try to give water on alternate day, also we can spray water on money plant this will make money plant to grow fast as aerial water will absorb water from pray

5.) ZZ plant :

zz plant

ZZ plant the most lovely and require less care plant we can neglect this plant for few days it will survive easily. Benefit of keeping zz plant is it will remove maximum amount of toxin air such as xylene, benzene and many more uncountable pollutants form air.

Water requirement : ZZ plant can survive extreme dry condition so always try to give water when pot is completely dry, giving more water may cause root rot problem, in winter we can skip water up to 20-30 days.

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