Why Rose plant is not growing and flowering

Why Rose plant is not growing and flowering

A healthy rose plant will produce maximum roses if rose plant is not producing flowers then our rose plant is not healthy, and rose plant need extra care.
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Rose plant is a flowering plant which give roses full year and make us happy. If rose plant stop giving flowers then we have to observe rose plant that why rose plant is not flowering and make some changer in rose plant soil mix, sunlight requirement, fertilizer and watering. 

There are 2 condition to be given to the Roses Plant

1) In summer : Rose plant should be kept in the semi-shed area so that rose plant does not get burn up by the heat of sun & dry air, water them on regularly basis so that moisture in soil is maintain and rose plant doesn't feel dryness in soil.

2) In winter : Rose plant love sunlight in winter season we can keep our rose plant in sunlight as much as we can because in winter sunlight is very soft and it help rose plant to get maximum roses also keeping roses in sunlight and giving water regular so that plant can grow very well.

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Now if the rose plant stop giving flower then we have to repot rose plant and give new soil mix and fertilizers or we can give home made compost mixture, and when new soil & compost is added to rose plant this will enable growth in rose plant and it will again give flowers as much as the rose plant can give also winter season will help rose plant to produce flowers.

Rose plant die back :

This is the main reason for rose plant not flowering as while trimming of without trimming rose easily get attack by fungus and this lead to die back of rose plant and this make rose plant to stop producing flower.
To stop this we have to make control on our water giving habit as fungus attack will only happen if lots of unnecessary hold in pot and generally this happen in winter season and summer season.

Pruning rose plant :

Pruning rose plant is also very important as pruning will allow rose plant to produce maximum growth hormone and this will make rose plant to produce to maximum new branches and maximum new branches means maximum flowers as every new branch will give a new flower.

Fertilizer for rose : 

Giving fertilizer to rose plant means giving food to rose plant and this food will make rose to grow healthy and a healthy rose plant means lots of flowers and also time interval for fertilizer is also important so keep giving fertilizer after 30 day.

Best season for rose plant to give fertilizer is from July to February, giving fertilizer in summer season must be avoided as it can damage roots system due to excess heat produced from fertilizer.

Watering Rose plant :

watering for rose plant is very important as this will only decide that your rose plant will survive or not, points to remember is : if pruning is done then water o branches must be avoided as fresh wound may lead to growth of fungus, avoid giving water during day time and try to give after evening.

Sunlight :

If your rose plant leaves are turning brown then your rose is getting excess sunlight so keep plant in shed and only morning 3 hour of sunlight is enough in summer season, in winter we can keep for 5 hours

Pot selection for rose : 

Rose plant love to spread roots so try to select a big size pot for rose plant more soil means feeling of ground and more soil means more nutrients in soil and this will make our rose plant to produce more flowers.