How to do rose grafting

How to do Rose Grafting

Rose grafting is a technique in which one rose bud is grafted on another rose plant and this process is generally done so that we can get different color of shades.
rose grafting

Benefit of rose grafting .

1) In Rose grafting we get a different color of flower in came plant.
2) Rose size also increase during this process.
3) Bushy rose can also be created through grafting.

Roses are the best flowering plant and having multiple flower with different shades is the best thing in garden so, let's just do the grafting. Grafting result will come in 20 days and also grafting is successful if our grafting stay for more than 30 days.

What is Grafting ?

Grafting is a process of having a different variety of plant on single plant, it can be done in two different style i.e. having a branch graft or a bud graft. both the process take time of minimum a month to get fuse with the other plant.

If you want to learn the whole process in video then the the link is just below 

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Why Grafting is done :

Desi Rose is Naturally having only limited colors, Grafting is a man made process which help us to get a different type of shade on a single plant. We can also have multiple grafting on a single plant.

Now the question is how much grafting can be done on a single plant : on a single branch we can do one grafting and if the plant is in strong or it is in ground then we can do more grafting or we can say a single branch can have one graft.

Process of rose grafting :

Rose grafting we need some tools a sharp blade or a sharp knife with a healthy plant for graft.

Now we have to take a bud of another plant and the whole process must be done quickly as the bud may dry because of Water evaporation, so we have to do the whole process in shed and cooler part of environment.

After taking bud from mother plant now we will graft our other plant.

On the plant which the grafting process is taking place must be healthy now we have to make a "T" cut over a branch and the bud taken from the mother plant must be slightly inserted in that "T" cut. Also we have to cover the grafting portion with the grafting tape all we can use a normal cello tape or an electric tape, tie them tightly so that no air can flow as airflow will make our grafting dry and the whole process of grafting require some time to fuse both the part of plant so be patient.

Also the whole process must be done Indoor so that water does not evaporate quickly from the cut portion .

Now we have to keep the plant in shed for more than 5 to 10 days and after a week we will see the grafting portion will start to grow.

Important point is that we have to cut all the above branches of the plant above the graft process, otherwise the plant will not accept the graft and continue to grow the old shoots or the shoots above the grafting area.

What color we can get from grafting  

In Grafting we cannot decide color of flowers as the nature will decide color but we can guess the color by seeing the flower of plant and the bud we had taken.

For example :
If we graft a white Rose plant to a red one then the probability of getting the double is more then the single color, but we can get many sheds over the flowers as the shades may be white border with red flower, red border with white flower or the half flower may come with white color and half with red so we cannot decide the color of flower and the nature will let us know what the miracle is with the beautiful flowers. 
abara ka dabra rose

Conclusion :

Finally we had came to the conclusion and the final words says that the grafting is a man made process and this is done for getting maximum numbers of color in different shades so just enjoy the color of nature and also comment down if you find this article helpful.