How to get petunias to bloom

How to get petunias to bloom

petunia flowers

Petunia flowering tip :

1.) Petunia love sunlight, always keep petunia plant in sunlight to get maximum bloom.

2.) Watering must be done regularly as petunia plant have small roots system which require lots of water.

3.) Pot selection must me medium size as petunia is medium size growing plant, hanging pot is best for them.

4) Petunia is a Wonderful flowering plant which given us maximum satisfaction in flower production and colors, so we can grow 2 petunia plant together in same pot.

5) Sunlight is very important for petunia plant, minimum sunlight requirement is 4 to 5 hour for maximum bloom.

6) Petunia are annual plant i.e. they live for only 4 to 6 months and after that they will die after producing flowers and seeds. 

7) Seeds collection can be done after plant get mature i.e. end of season. 

8) Growing time is winter season to beginning of summer season after that it will die. 

 are the best winter flowering plants which give Beautiful Blooming in the months of winter and also they last for 5 months or more if all the care is being taken nicely.

To get maximum flowers in petunias we can use chemical fertilizers as these plants will die off in the end of the season and are not permanent plant so we can use chemical fertilizers.

So which Fertilizer is best for getting maximum flowers in petunia, we can use urea, NPK, DAP, potassium based fertilizer, as we want to get maximum result out in less time so for this particular reason we have to use fertilizer which help in getting lots of flowers - potash and DAP will work best in this type of plant.


Soil Mixture:-

Soil mixture for Petunia also play important role in producing of flowers. Always make loose soil mixture for Petunia plant as they have small and fiber roots system. And small and fiver roots system always grow near to the surface soil so they also can be grown in shallow pots.

For soil mixture we have to use 60% of normal garden soil and 30% of coco-peat and 10% of vermi-compost / cow-dunk, this is the perfect soil mixture as coco-peat help in making soil loose enough for the fiber roots.

Now in the above soil mixture we have to add the chemical fertilizer as our main motive is to get the maximum flowers out of petunias as the plant life is only of 5 to 6 months, so we can add potash or the DAP for getting maximum flowers

Pinching :-

Pinching is optional as Petunia plant will produce back budding and pinching petunia will make the  process fast. And more branches means more flowers and the main work of petunias is to produce maximum flowers.

Sunlight :-

Petunias is a plant which produce more flowers when kept in sunlight so if you want more flowers then keep your plants in sunlight

Sunlight play important role in production of flowers as the sunlight is the energy source for all type of plants, so petunia must be kept in sunlight and you will also notice in the end of season as the temperature rises the petunia will produce more flowers and also the plant life will come to end.

Watering :-

The main part of the Gardening : Giving water to the plant is ART because every plant require different and correct level of water in their pot. Winter season is the season of flowers so if we want more and more flowers in our garden then we have to give the right amount of water in our garden. Also winter is the best season for gardening as all plant require less water and this thing also give a great amount of relief the gardener as we don't have to give water on regular basis.

In Petunia the soil mixture is loose enough so water will evaporate very fast and also plant will absorb more water so that the production of more and more flowers can be done on regular basis so after every 2nd day water is to be given and if the temperature is on rise then water can be given on daily basis

Fertilizer :-

Giving fertilizer after every 15-20 days is important as Petunia grow very fast so all the nutrients will be absorbed in less time and fertilizer will help the plant to grow fast and produce more and more blooms

Conclusion : we can have more and more flowers on any plant but just we have to take the 3 points in mind i.e. WATERING, SUNLIGHT, FERTILIZER