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Thursday, January 28, 2021

How to care Succulents Plant

 How to care Succulents Plant 

Succulents plants care :

1) Succulents need enough bright light for good growth.

2) Watering must be according to season (at the time of watering take care that all fiber roots get enough time to absorb water, but water must not stay).

3) Pot selection must be with maximum drainage home (minimum 2 drainage is important).

4) Soil mixture must be will drain (Garden soil 50% & 50% sand or perlite)

5) Sunlight requirement for succulents plants is different in all condition (some succulents changes color if kept in sunlight).

if you are interested in video then watch :

1.) Sunlight requirement for succulents:-

Sunlight requirement depends upon different season mainly we have to take care about them in summer season.
a) Summer Season : Succulents grow very well in cold climate means they cannot bear hot type of climate, always try to keep them away from direct sunlight in summer season as high temperature can burn them. Best is to go for hardy one.

b) Winter Season: Winter season for succulents plant is best as in this season we can easily keep them in sunlight and after keeping them in sunlight we will see so many changes i.e beautiful color on leaves 

2.) Soil mixture for Succulents plants:-

Succulents plants should be given good drainage soil, it can be the soil 50% + sand(perlite) 40% + compost 10% for better drainage and also fertilizers can be given time to time in every 30-40 days so that growth and health of the plant is maintained.

Succulent plant grow very small roots system for this they require very loose soil so that they can easily spread their fibrous roots and can absorb nutrients from soil.

watch how to propagate succulents in video :


3.) How to give water to Succulents Plant :-

Giving water to Succulents plants is always been tricky, if not given properly then you can loose yours succulents plant. So best way of giving water to your succulents is giving water once a week and filling pot full of water so that roots can absorb water from soil and get enough moisture for tiny roots of succulents plant.
Watering will vary in all climate condition i.e. in summer we have to give more water and in winter less, in rainy season little as water can be absorb from air.

Why Succulents need less water:-

Succulents plant store their water in leaf and stem, There are two type of succulents:

1] Stem category Succulents : These Succulents store their water in stem and have good height
     & also different character can be seen in these type of succulents.

2] Leaf category Succulents : These Succulents store water in the leaf part and have more variety          compared to the stem Succulents they does not have stem part visible more as more leaf are covered      all around.

How to select pot for succulents plant:-

Succulents plants need small pots as they grow very slow and also roots of succulents will not grow that much so we can grow them in small pot, keeping succulents in small pot will help in holding less soil as small pot cannot hold less soil and less soil means less water, this will help out succulents to grow for longer period of time as main enemy of our succulents is water.
Small pot selection is good for succulents as it give more mobility to pot and we can keep our succulents indoor and also if sunlight needed then we can easily shift them.


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