Rose plant black spot on leaves and die back problems


Rose plant black spot on leaves and die back problem

Rose plant is suffering from this common problem of die back but this can be solved easily if taken extra care. Generally newly purchase rose plant suffer this problem as while reporting rose plant roots get damage and if plant is not healthy then it is easy to fungus to attack on rose plant and problem of black spot on leaves or die back will happen.

Why Black spot on Roses

Black spot on rose is very common problem, but we can easily deal with it and can solve black spot on rose, we will discuss further in points

Reason can be many let us discuss in detail :

1) Sunburn:- 

Sunburn is one of the primary reason for getting black spot on rose plant leaves as we think that our rose plant can handle sunlight but this is sad truth that it can handle only winter and rainy season sunlight but it can't handle summer sunlight as temperature will rise above 28 Degree and this can burn rose plant leaves or will give black spot.

2) Watering:-

Rose plant can grow in less water but if given more water then they will shed their leaves or leaves will get black spot on it and it will fall after getting fungus attack, main reason why rose plant die is that we don't take extra efforts of giving water as before giving water we must always check when to water and how much to water as extra water will always harm rose plant and not only rose plant it will harm all plant which require less water for eg. indoor plants and succulents and cactus.

Water will allow fungus to grow and will kill rose plant also one important point of giving water is not giving water with spray if trimming r pruning is done recently.

3) Temperature:-

Temperature play very important role on rose plant if it rises then it will burn all its leaves or will get black spot on leaves if it goes down then because of excess water it will encourage fungus problem and will die back.
For summer season we must keep rose plant away from direct sunlight and also try to give water once a day if it is extreme hot then we can go for twice and for winter season rose plant must be kept in direct sunlight and we must have control over watering always check soil moisture before watering 
Hot air can also damage our rose plant so select a place where it is away from wind flow as in summer season it hot air blow and can damage our rose plant and can burn rose plant leaves of can develop black spot on rose plant leaves.
Ideal temperature for rose plant is - lowest 12 Degree to highest 30 Degree and Humidity level must be around 50 to 70%

4) Fertilizer:-

Giving fertilizer can give us good result or can give us bad result as example above image of giving excess fertilizer there are 2 type of fertilizer organic and chemical fertilizer let us discuss both in details and learn something informative.

Organic Fertilizer:-

Organic Fertilizer means giving only natural fertilizer made from natural resources available and not including any other substance to rose plant which will give result very late and this is the only reason gardener are not giving organic fertilizer and depend on chemical fertilizer, but on fair use organic fertilizer improve soil quality and make rose plant to grow healthy and strong and for 99% rose plant will not get die back problem or black spot on rose plant leaves.

Chemical Fertilizer:-

Chemical Fertilizer powerful yet dangerous, we all know that excess use of anything is very dangerous so if chemical fertilizer given a bit more than result will be very dangerous, rose plant may die within two days of will shed its all leaves or problem of die back or will burn its leaves and can produce black spot on leaves, try not to use chemical fertilizer or go with experience gardener so that under good advice you can grow rose plant. 

5) Sunlight Requirement:-

Rose plant love sunlight and will produce flowers only if given right sunlight, if you want healthy rose plant with less disease then minimum requirement is 4 hour of sunlight in winter season, Benefit of keeping rose plant in sunlight is
1. Water we give will dry easily and no fungus will grow
2. Leaf will get enough sunlight to make its food for better growth
3. Sunlight force rose plant to produce flowers
4. Minimum insect attack on rose plant
5. Rose plant will grow healthy and big

Considering above point will sunlight is basic requirement for rose plant so try to give more and more sunlight to rose plant and you will get healthy big with more green leaves and also with lots of roses also we will not have die back problem and no black spot on rose plant.

6) Soil Mixture:-

In rose plant soil play very important role, we always have to give organic rich soil to our rose plant with this it will give more roses because rich soil in nutrients means that rose plant will get maximum nutrients from soil which help rose plant to get more blooming.
How to prepare soil for rose plant : 

1. 50% Garden top soil
2. 30% Cowdung fertilizer / vermicompost fertilizer
3. 10% cocopeat
4. 10% sand

mix them all together and this will be your best soil mix for rose plant and after potting rose plant give fertilizer to rose plant on regular basis i.e after every 30 to 40 days depending upon soil condition.