Rose plant care in all season


Rose care guide for more flowering in all season:

rose hd photo
             Rose plants are the most beautiful flower producing plants as the main season of rose plant is in winter and rose plant produce maximum flowers in the winter season. But if given proper condition than only they produce or bloom maximum flowers so hear we will learn about how to get maximum flowers in rose plant.

Smart way to grow Rose plant (watch video):

Getting more & continues flowers in rose plant is very tough as once the plant produce flowers then the plant will collect energy and nutrients from soil and then will give the new flowers buds and this all process can take up to 20-22 days, so giving the proper fertilizer is must and also at right time.

How to give fertilizer to the rose plant :-

                    Fertilizer can be of 2 type chemical fertilizer and the organic fertilizer so let's talk about briefly about them and some other points about rose plant 

1) Chemical fertilizer :-

             In fertilizer rose plant or the flower producing plant need more of the potassium so that they can more energy to produce more flowers, so the proper percentage of N P K must be given in which the percentage of K (potassium) is more important, as the potassium will help the rose plant to produce more flowers, as the chemical fertilizer can give the result very fast but the result will not last for longer time so the chemical fertilizer must be avoided.

2) Organic fertilizer :-

             Organic fertilizer will give the result but they will take time in giving result, but the result we will get will last for longer and also the organic fertilizer will make the soil very fertile and also the quality of soil will be increase so the best fertilizer is organic fertilizer and in this it can be divided in two category :-
a) Vermi-compost
b)  cow dunk
Both organic fertilizer are best at their work and make the soil quality best to use and the rose plant will love the organic soil with lots of nutrients in the soil and will produce more flowers and also in the big size as the nutrients will be directly absorbed by the rose plant

Pruning the rose plant to get more rose flowering :-

Right way to grow Rose plant (watch video):

                 Pruning rose plant at the right time is  very important and must be done correctly, So the question is how to do pruning of a rose plant and at what time to get maximum blooming on rose plant .

Rose pruning must be done just before the start of the season as the season of rose plant will start in the starting of winter season so the right time to do rose pruning is the start of November season as the rose plant love the cold temperature and will give maximum bloom in winter season so pruning must be done just at the start of the season, fertilizer after pruning also play important role so giving the fertilizer just after the pruning will help the rose plant to produce more branches as the more branches will develop they will give more flowering, so by this technique we can get maximum blooming in rose plant.

Protect Rose from disease :-

At last it is also important to remove all the dead branches from rose plant and also to take care of rose diseases as the disease can spread from single branch to all over the rose plant and can damage the new growth and also the rose flowers will shed all the new buds as this may result in getting small size of rose flowers