How to make rooting hormone at home

 How to make rooting hormone at home

Rooting hormone play very important role in forcing plants cutting to root. This also help garden owner to maximise their production, so we can always try to grow cutting with help of rooting hormone.

We have so many natural rooting hormone and chemical which we will discuss later in this article.

Which rooting hormone is good ?

Generally we have 2 option for growing plant from cuttings i.e. Chemical and Organic rooting hormone but both of them will not work if environment condition is not in favour. Best season to grow any cutting with rooting hormone is growing season or rainy season. But some plant will grow only in their growing season for eg. Adenium, champa plant etc.

Making Rooting Hormone at home: 

We have 3 option for natural rooting hormone:
1. Honey
2. Cinnamon 
3. Aloe Vera gel

1.) Honey as Rooting Hormone:-

Honey is natural rooting hormone which is widely use in absence of chemical one as honey is easily available, Honey as rooting hormone have antifungal properties which help plants cutting to produce small fibrous roots and help plant to protect from fungus attack in initial stage. 

How to use Honey as rooting hormone:- 
Using honey is very same as using chemical one, we just have to dip our plant cutting in honey and role in honey make sure that no exposed part is left else fungus can easily attack on cutting and this will make our cutting die.

We must also take original honey as duplicate honey will not allow plant to grow roots and also this result in loss of cutting. 

2.) Cinnamon as Rooting Hormone:-

Cinnamon is not popular as honey as it is not use widely as many of us don't know about it but after reading this article you will start using cinnamon power as rooting hormone. Cinnamon is used in power form as rooting hormone and also cinnamon have antifungal properties so we can use them in growing plant cuttings specially rose plant cutting. Cinnamon is easily available in our kitchen you just have to take a cinnamon stick and crush it in powder form and stick it in cutting with help of water in plant growing area.

Ants attack on plant:-

Cinnamon power can be used as anti ants in garden, as cinnamon smell is very hard and ants don't like this type of smell, just sprinkle cinnamon powder on top layer of soil and ants will not come in that part of area.

3.) Aloe Vera gel:-

Aloe Vera gel can also be used as rooting hormone as aloe gel has natural properties of healing and also with antifungal properties this will make plant cutting to grow vary fast and probability of growing cutting will increase by 70%.
Aloe Vera gel also have many organic properties and also used as medicine for us also eating aloe Vera gel help us in fighting in fungal infection. By this we can easily use Aloe Vera gel.

How to use Aloe Vera gel as rooting hormone ?
Using aloe gel is very easy, we just have to use a small part of leaf, just cut a small part from mother plant and rub gel all over plant cutting this will make a layer of gel in cut part of cutting this will not allow fungus to grow and also new roots will get natural pesticide and this will make your plant cutting grow very fast and healthy.


Rooting Hormone have many healthy benefit as this will allow our cutting to grow 100% if all environment condition are taken care, and right season is selected then we don't have to go for costly chemical rooting hormone, as we can get natural rooting hormone from our kitchen only.

So just try to grow cuttings and don't worry about result as we can grow cutting as many as we want.
Point to take under consideration is to select plant cutting which grow fast are hardy in nature, Eg. Jade plant, bougainvillea plant, rose plant, mogra plant and many more.