Ant attack in my garden or pot

 Ant attack in my garden or pot

Ant attack is very common in garden and pot as ants love cool climate which is easily available in pot and in garden. 

Why ants attack in garden:-

Ants generally enter or make home under the pot as this is most suitable place of hiding and temperature under pot is cool, it is easy for ants to live their and to increase population. Also they get protected from harsh weather i.e. summer hot temperature and also winter cold climate.

Generally ants keep mealybugs for milking them as mealybugs suck plant juice and give honey in return to ants, in favour of honey they protect mealybug egg and also help them in spreading from one plant to other.

Ants are generally most active in summers and we generally face mealybug attack in summers on hibiscus plant.

How to protect ants from attack:-

1.) Use stand
2.) Use drainage tray for pot
3.) Use of chemical 
4.) Use wood ash 

1.) Use Stand for ant attack:-

Generally ants find cool type of climate below pot, if we go for stand then base part of pot will always remain dry and this will not allow ants to come below pot, also ant generally go for secure place so that their egg can be protected from other ants colony, if we use stand then ants will not come. 
Also stand will make your place neat and clean this will not allow other insects to grow or lay eggs. 

2.) Use drainage tray for ant attack:-

Drainage tray for pot is very important if we don't want pot soil or water to spread mess in nearby surroundings then we have to use drainage tray for pot, generally if pot is indoor then we must use them as this is best area where ants and other insect grow and make their living moist type of climate give them best plant to populate and grow eggs. Using drainage tray block access of bottom part of pot and this don't allow ants to crawl below pot and take out soil for making of their home.

Drainage tray also help excess water to get collect below pot and avoid loss of water as pot soil will again absorb water when needed from drainage tray. So this can also help us when we are out of holidays.

3.) Use of Chemicals in ant attack:-

Once ants come in garden it is impossible to get them away as they make their home in different pots or garden area. If we want to get rid of them then we have to use chemical but this will make ants kill but in some situation red ants spread more terror near their holes, so we have to take this step.
Quick action but harmful for garden: Use of chemical will solve our problem but this will give a new problem i.e. use of chemical on ants will allow chemical to go in soil and can be absorb by our plant or vegetable plants, and on consumption of that vegetable will allow chemical to go in our food chain and this can harm us.

4) Use of wood Ash for ants attack:-

In old time we were not having such advance chemical for that farmers generally spread wood ash in their farms, Wood ash was also used for removing pest from plant and vegetable as wood ash is a part of charcoal and same it is also having properties of removing impurities and protect plant from fungus attack and also from inset including ants.
Use of wood ash in pot is very easy just sprinkle some ash on top part of soil and some under pot this will not allow ants to make their home under the pot.

Keeping ants away from garden is very important as ants bring many of insect as they also do farming of other insects which provide nectar in result if they transfer insect from one plant to other and help them in increasing their population.


Conclusion for ant attack, what i do is whenever i see ant attack i just keep that pot away from other pot and start treatment and also remember to use drainage pot this will solve your 99% problem, Regularly have an eye in garden and ants activity if they are coming then take quick action else once then have set their colony then it will be very difficult to remove them.