Right way to repot plant from nursery (House palnt)

Repotting house Plant or New plant- When and How ?

As the time passes plant need new home and larger space for their roots to grow and expand, at this point repotting come. Repotting house plant is necessary for good growth and health of a plant.

indoor palnt

Ques:- Now the question is how to repot a house plant or new plant & what is the correct timing?

Ans:- Best timing to repot a house plant is to do it in February month or in rainy season, both this season have high chances that our plant will grow and will show its best result as both this season are growing season and this will also allow our plant to grow fast.

How to repot the Plant:-

1) Select the plant which require the Repotting means giving the bigger pot or the roots trimming is done to the plant .

2)  Selection of the pot: Means if it is a bonsai plant then giving the small pot or if the plant is normal house plant then giving the plant the bigger pot for more space to the roots.

3) Selection of soil :- Soil selection is the important thing you can use same soil up to 2 years and then you have to change the soil or add the fertilizers or the organic compost. Giving the new soil to the plant will give the plant roots a new space for spreading and basic requirement for the growth
& development

4) Best time for repotting :- The best time for repotting the plant is that month which give the plant new leaf and growth to the plant and roots and the season is the spring season i.e. February and also the rainy season is the time when we can do repotting to the plant and also the pruning to the plants.

How to avoid Repotting House plant:

Repotting house plant can be avoided by adding fertilizer time to time i.e. after every 25 days this will give good amount of nutrients to plant and this will extend time of repotting house plant.

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Repotting the house plant or the Bonsai plant is to be done in the spring season and also within every 10-14 months and also you can do the roots trimming so that the plant can  get the space for the new roots to get develop or give then the new and a big pot with lots of new soil.