Advantages of gardening

 Advantages of gardening

Advantages of gardening

Gardening have many advantages and also it help in saving our nature. Our nature is day by day shrinking and this is done mainly by human activity, shrinking of forest, loss of different species of tree, animal coming our of forest in search of food and many other losses.

But we can't help in this activities at individual level but by doing gardening we can at least plant more trees to save nature. As we develop gardening habit we will plant more plants in nearby surroundings and this will help in maintaining loss to nature.

How Gardening help or advantages of gardening:-

1.) Organic vegetable 
2.) Exercise
3.) Close to nature
4.) Better immune system

1.) Organic vegetable:-

Organic vegetable gardening is best practice in gardening as this will make our garden chemical free and also we will help soil to live longer period of time, as excess use of chemical in gardening or farming kills microorganism in soil and which lead in huge disaster, and our soil will die soon.

We can use organic compost, vermicompost, cow dung compost, seaweeds, kitchen waste compost and all other organic compost which is made from organic process, this will help plant to grow organically and soil will also retain maximum microorganism in it which further help to decompose other decomposable item.

2.) Gardening help in Exercise:-

In our busy schedule we generally forget to take care of our self in this situation gardening play very important role and this make a person to get closer to nature and indirectly we do exercise, let me explain how :
As we lift some pot or plant our body require muscle strength and this practice of lifting pot or giving water will make our body to develop arms and build muscle, bending again and again to watch plant of digging pot for planting will help us to improve our back and this will give strength to our back body. 

working in garden also help us to release stress from our body as three and plant never demand anything from us and we give our time and energy without any reward this will make us feel good and this lower down stress level.

3.) Close to nature:-

Gardening is best practice which help us to get close to nature and also build good habit of being patient in any work, as plants or seed take time to grow and by seeing them we generally develop a good habit of being patience

We also go creative in trying new ideas of growing plants from cutting or seeds, and trying new pot ideas and also creating good balcony setup 

onion seedling

4.) Better Immune system:-

Gardening help us in maintaining better immune system as coming in contact with soil will make us come in contact with small microorganism as plenty of them are present in soil and this will make our body to react with them if they try to infect us with most of infection.
Also working in garden will make our body to do exercise and this will make us fit and healthy.

Conclusion :

Doing gardening is very fruitful as you can also make this hoby and also you can earn through all gardening activity i.e. sharing new ideas of growing plant on social site and also propagating plant and selling on different sites and local nursery, finally we can say that gardening is very easy and important in our life as new generation will also learn many things and also they will get more knowledge  about nature and this will make their good development of personality and this activity also help person to look up from their mobile.