How to make kitchen waste compost

How to make kitchen waste compost at home

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How to make kitchen waste compost:

First let us learn what is composting and how it help plant to grow healthy and strong.


Composting is a process in which organic matter decompose with work of nature and this process take time according to item added in compost bin, so always we have to add compost item according to composting time. If we want to make compost fast then we have to add only vegetable peel which will decompose fast for e.g. left out part of spinach, coriander, cabbage, potato peel, banana peel and many more which decompose fast and will show result in 1 to 2 month.
For making composting process fast we have to add a sprinkle of old compost as lots of microorganism are present in it and this will help compositing to go fast.

Final result will look same as shown in this image above, now we can add our home made compost to plants which is fully organic and will make our plants healthy and also improve soil quality and this will make our vegetable production good and healthy.

Steps to make compost at home:

1.) Select pot or any bucket to make compost (Minimum 10 inches)
2.) Drainage hole must be there so that extra water come out
3.) Select soft waste which decompose fast.
4.) Maintain moisture in compost mix for fast result.
5.) Sprinkle old compost to make whole process fast.
6.) Shuffle compost mix twice a week for better air flow.
7.) Keep in sunlight or bright location for no bed smell
8.) Add more stuff if item get decompose and settle down.

How to give compost fertilizer:-

Giving too much or too less compost fertilizer will make your plant dull or die so in both situation we have to take extra care and give exact fertilizer. Season also play very important role in this as in summer we must avoid giving fertilizer and for winter and growing season we have to give fertilizer also every plant have its own growing season.

What if we give more fertilizer: in this situation plant roots system get damage with heat of fertilizer and if roots system get damage then whole plant will die.
If less fertilizer is given then plant will get lack of nutrients from soil and by this plant will get dull and will not survive for longer period of time. So giving right amount of fertilizer is very important.