How to grow rose from cutting with Pictures

How to grow rose from cutting without rooting hormone

Growing rose from cutting or we can say that growing rose from stem cutting is a simple and easy process, and rose cutting can be grown in the growing season i.e. spring and the November month, cold temperature is the best temperature for the rose plant and also they love cold weather so growing new rose plant or the rose cutting  will be best in the cold temperature.

               Direct sunlight must not be given to Rose cutting for 100% successful result & moisture must be kept for the development of roots

let's start with the process how to grow rose from cutting

1) Firstly Choose the healthy rose plant and also the healthy branch.

2) Second, selection of the branch with the good growth.

3) Selection of non grafted rose plant, as the
grafted rose pant cannot be grown

4) Soil mixture play important role in the development of roots

5) Rooting hormone from our kitchen ie. honey and cinnamon powder

Firstly :-

Choose the healthy and the growing branch from the rose plant, then peal of the leaves so that the rose cutting does not get the stress and can hold the moisture in it for long time, now the time has come to grow our rose from cutting

How to choose rose cutting :- 

The cutting what we have to select must be healthy and free from diseases and pest attack, after the selection of the cutting it is the time to give a sharp cut at 45 angle so that we can get more surface area to develop roots and also more surface area will give more percentages of growing rose cutting, now its time to grow our cutting with next steps

Soil mixture for rose cutting :-

Soil mixture is the important element in growing rose cutting. Soil Mixture must have well drain properties so adding sand and coco-peat is good as coco-peat will hold some moisture and sand will allow the water to drain away. Soil in the soil mixture of rose cutting will give the nutrients to to grow 

Rooting hormone :-
Applying rooting hormone which is available in our kitchen / home i.e. HONEY

  Honey play important role in roots growth as honey is a rooting agent and also does not let fungus to grow, applying the honey to the white area will boost the rose cutting to grow roots and no fungus will attack on the rose cutting.

Selection of rose plant :-

Rose plant selection is also must as the grafted rose cannot be grown from cutting so selecting right plant is must so selecting non grafted rose plant cutting will give the result and the best result can be taken by following the process as shown in the video at top, hope the video is seen and also subscribe to the Garden ideas for the latest updates and the method to grow cuttings, so the rose plant must be healthy and non grafted

Result of How to grow rose from stem cutting :-

Result will come in 20 days and the roots will come so the rose cutting will be successful and also we have to keep cutting in area where sunlight directly hit the rose cutting and the moisture must be kept in the soil so that cutting does not feel dryness

Finally the result of success is with us and the rose plant cutting must be kept in semi-shed where direct sunlight does not come and also the cutting must not move so that the roots does not get damage, and proper growth takes place.