How to make Bougainvillea bloom - with pictures

How to make Bougainvillea bloom

 How to make Bougainvillea bloom is the most beautiful part of the Bougainvillea plant, so lets talk about how to get flowering or blooming in the Bougainvillea plant. Bougainvillea are outdoor plant and love sunlight very much and also can handle hot temperature so these plant must be kept outdoor for getting more flowers, if kept inside they will be producing  a lot more leaves and they will stop flowering.

Most important point is to consider is timing and proper care as bougainvillea bloom only when they are outdoor or get pruning so if we are having bougainvillea in pot then we must do pruning time to time as new branches will produce lots of flowers. if kept indoor then it will produce lots of green leaves and less flowers.

Bougainvillea blooming can be done in simple way :-

1) Giving right temperature 
2) Giving right sunlight 
3) Fertilizers at right time
4) How to water
5) Pot selection for Bougainvillea
6) Soil mixture

So lets start with the detail explanation on how to get bougainvillea blooming

1) Giving right Temperature  :-

                    Bougainvillea will bloom in most of the bright sunlight days so temperature required is hot and moderate type where sun play important role for growth & development of how to make bougainvillea bloom, so bougainvillea love outdoor condition and will produce more flowers if given minimum 5 to 6 hours of sunlight with regular moderate water
What? happen if we keep bougainvillea indoor, so if we keep bougainvillea indoor plant will start producing leaf more instead of producing flowers so keeping bougainvillea outdoor for getting more flowers. Bougainvillea can survive in less water condition also, don't worry if you forget to give a week it will survive also less water allow bougainvillea bloom

2) Giving right sunlight :-

                   Sunlight play important role in bougainvillea blooming, so give sunlight to bougainvillea as mush as we can minimum 4 hours will be very good and giving more is great to plant as bougainvillea love sunlight & hot temperature, but keeping in sunlight we must take some points in consideration that the water should be given regularly if missed for more days then it will shed its leaves.
If given less water plant will dry out of heat and hot temperature, and feel free to go for outdoor as bougainvillea grow very well outdoor and will make your surrounding beautiful.

We have 2 option for growing bougainvillea one will grow long and strong and one will remain small and spread within limited height. Both variety grow well outdoor and will produce maximum flowers if kept in favorable condition.

3) Fertilizers at right time :-

                   Fertilizers play important role in how to make bougainvillea bloom as bougainvillea plant need energy to produce flowers, best is to give slow releasing fertilizer and grow for organic fertilizer i.e. cow-dung or goat manure.

Bougainvillea Small petals or the small buds need more energy then old leaves or stem, as they need pure growth, so giving fertilizer play good role in boosting growth of plant and also new flowers, N P K given to the plant in ratio 20:20:20 is the best ratio, or we can go for organic fertilizer i.e. vermi-compost, cow dunk, leaf compost & compost made from kitchen waste also leaf compost.
Giving organic fertilizer will make bougainvillea bloom for longer period as organic fertilizer stay for longer in soil as chemical fertilizer will wash away with drain water so give slow and organic fertilizer as it will absorb slowly and bougainvillea will take nutrients from soil for longer period.

4) Pot selection & soil mixture for Bougainvillea :-

                      Soil mixture must be well drain so that soil does not hold water for more time as sogginess in the soil will harm Bougainvillea roots and the plant may die also it will not allow to make bougainvillea bloom so soil for bougainvillea must be well drain and mixture of soil can be 
20% sand 30% coco-peat & 50% garden top soil.

                     Basic rule for selecting pot for Bougainvillea is that pot must be big in size as Bougainvillea love to spread their roots and grow like wild plants, so if given big pot then bougainvillea will grow happy and will produce more and more colorful flowers, they can also grow in normal garden soil so don't worry about adding sand or anything just we can grow them in any soil mix and they will grow best in it, but one thing we have to take care is watering and pot size.

Try to have control on giving water and big pot is good.


How to make bougainvillea bloom all above points if followed then we will have maximum flowering on bougainvillea. My small conclusion is keep bougainvillea outdoor and have control over watering this will make bougainvillea bloom also trimming will help and will allow bougainvillea to produce more branches and more branches means more flowering.

Happy Gardening