How to get rid of mealybugs on hibiscus

How to get rid of mealybugs on Hibiscus (Mealybugs attacks) :

Hibiscus plant are very beautiful plants but the worst thing about hibiscus is that they cannot save themselves if attacked by mealybugs and slowly they will die if not taken care the above image shows the pain and relief image. 
Mealybugs attacks are very common on Our Hibiscus plant, and hibiscus plant is very popular in flowering plant and also loved by every one because of multiple color, talking about myself i have more than 10 plants in my collection.

Let us discuss why and how mealybugs come on hibiscus plant and how to get rid of mealybugs on hibiscus : 
On my experience of gardening i discovered that ants are main carrier of mealybugs and they do farming of mealybugs eggs and mature mealybugs. This is same process as farmers do like keeping seeds in storage house.

Mealybugs the hibiscus killer

Get 100% free from mealybugs attack with the simple method organic and chemical so just increase your knowledge by further reading the article and also apply method on your hibiscus or any plant which get affected by mealybugs and get rid of them easily.

Why and How Mealy Bugs attack :

Why and how, this is a most questionable thing that mealybugs are being carried by ants as the ants do farming of mealy bugs because they produce a sweet liquid which is being consumed by ants and also ants protect mealy bugs from attack. 

so mealybug attack once has came to hibiscus means that after curing the attack i.e. cleaning the plant mealybugs can be transmitted to the hibiscus plant. 

Now what to do ?

Now what to do in this condition, this is very simple that we have to take a look at the ants which carry the mealybugs which is known as farming same as human do, so search for the home of ants and also spray the medicine so that ants does not carry again and our hibiscus stay away from being affected and give us the beautiful flowering. This method is very cruel but if we want to get rid of mealybugs form our hibiscus plant then we have to do this. We can under go many methods to get rid of mealybugs let us discuss in detail.

Type of insecticide that help in getting rid of mealybugs on hibiscus :

1) Organic pesticides
2) Chemical pesticides

1) Organic pesticides:

              This is the natural way of getting rid of mealybugs from hibiscus plant i.e. use of neem oil or self made insecticide at home of neem plant leaf, organic way is a slow way as the mealybugs can reappear if not kept the watch, but it is effective and also the safe way which do not harm the plant and also us as chemical can affect us. But in this we can add a non natural item i.e shampoo spray which is non harmful to plant and also to us only if given in a limited quantity. 

Natural way of killing mealybugs will take time but will do its work but this is time taking process also natural process will not harm our plant and soil will remain healthy and fertile so going for natural process will be a good idea. 

2) Chemical pesticides:

                  Chemical pesticides will give 99% result and also within 1 day but we will also give negative impact on our plants, pot soil and also on our health as we will come in contact of the chemical which will definitely spread in environment. 

Using chemical fertilizer on hibiscus can be dangerous to plant if quantity is high then hibiscus plant may die or shed all its leaves, try to give chemical pesticides under expert advice or simple not to give but in certain cases it is important to give i.e if mealybugs are out of control and organic pesticide do nothing then under expert advice we can give to hibiscus plant.

Fertilizer :

Fertilizer also play an important role in hibiscus plant health so giving a best quality fertilizer, with the help of good quality fertilizer we can save hibiscus plant from attack of insects also the health of plant can fight against pest and small insects on its on and will improve itself with nutrients given to the plant, not only the hibiscus but also all the other plant grown in container will have the deficiency of nutrients so the fertilizer play an important role. 



Conclusion is very simple that if hibiscus plant get attack of mealybugs or any other insects then it should be treated on primary basis we should not wait of attack to increase as we in human nature feel lazy on taking care, always be active on removing them immediately this will help our hibiscus to remain healthy and give more flowers.

A healthy plant will give more flowers and also on continues basis so we always have to take care of hibiscus plant and also try to spray water on plants whenever we give water.