Plant turning into Yellow leaf - Problem for plants - Yes or No with images

Plant turning into Yellow leaf - Problem for plants - Yes or No :

It can be yes and it can be no as the main reason can be different i.e lack of magnesium, lack of sunlight, transplanting in new soil, or it can be new leaf sprout or can be the leaf which plant need no  more.

We all love plant with green leaves and a kind of bushy with lots of flowers on it, if it turn yellow then we must know certain things to make the plant healthy and green.

Lets discuss in detail with images :

1) Lack of Nutrition

Nutrition is important in all plant and lack of nutrient means turning of yellow leaves and this is the first or primary warning for gardener to save their plants specially in container, image shown is the best example if nutritional deficiency. 
At starting the plants can be cured and monitored and result will be great if treated early with all the essential nutrients, i.e. fertilizer and absence of magnesium in plants will also make the leaf to turn yellow.
For fertilizer we can use organic fertilizer i.e. vermi-compose or the chemical one i.e. NPK and both fertilizer are best at their place and will give the result in a short period of time.

2) Sunlight damage

Sunlight is very important for plants survival and growth but sunlight requirement is different for every plant so always try to have basic knowledge about plant you are growing their sunlight requirement, soil, watering etc.

Excess of sunlight will also damage the plant and lead to turning of yellow leaf if the plant is not sun lover also sun lover plant will get damage if they are in container and temperature rises, so summer season is the only season in which plant will die because of excess heat or rise in temperature.

Solution for this is keep plant in shady area or use green net for extra protection, also keep eye on pot soil dryness, too much dry soil will lead plant to die.

3) Yellow Leaf

Turning Yellow Leaf is also a natural process in certain cases as leaf also have certain life Span.

After a certain life span older leaves turn yellow and die off this is a natural process and this is purely acceptable because every living object is having a life period after that it will give place to another more efficient new member so that new work can be done in more efficient way, plant also throw their waste through these leaves and bark.

But in some cases this can be harmful as we think that it is a normal process and plant is suffering from lack of nutrients in soil so in such case the magnesium will help the plant to regain the health back and we all love the green and healthy plant/tree.

4) Decompose yellow leaf

Are you throwing the Yellow leaf then you are throwing Black Gold as yellow leaf can be easily decompose and can be used in plant as organic fertilizer.
The fertilizer which is all free of cost and full of nutrients in it and can give good result in few days and the result will last for longer in comparison of chemical fertilizer. To make leaf compost separately will take time so avoiding this process we can directly add dry leaf in plant container. 
Slowly they will decompose and will add nutrients to soil.

  If you want to make compost at home with dry leaf watch video given below :-


5) Soil mixture

Soil mixture also plays important role on plant growth as the plant absorb energy in form of nutrients in soil, if soil is lack of essential nutrients then plant may suffer from various problem in which one is turning into yellow leaf, and all the problem can be solved form the right amount of fertilizer given at right time also on giving fertilizer will make plant lush green and will add beauty in your garden.


At the end we can say that plant with green leaf will have more attraction and yellow leaf turning will not last for long term, so a leaf check must be done in every 3 to 5 days  and water must be given at correct time of interval because the lack of water will lead the plant to shed leaf as the leaf help the plant to evaporate the excess water, also fertilizer must be given in right interval so that the plant doesn't feel lack of nutrients in soil.