How to Grow cardamom from seeds / Elachi

How to Grow Cardamom from seeds / Elachi

Growing Cardamom form seeds is not easy and the plant will definitely grow if we have fresh available seeds and the required temperature, Temperature nearly 10 degree, and most common state of growing cardamom in India is Kerala we can also grow them in all over India but growing cardamom temperature play important role.

Cardamom / Elachi ?

It is one of the most favorite spices in World especially in India as cardamon add flavor in food and make it more pleasant and rich in taste also it is a bit costly in price range so use of it is in selected food item only.

Cardamom Plant :

Cardamom plant at their native place grow up to height of 3 to 4 Feet with the canopy of leaves over the plant and the flower with white color looks beautiful with the strip of red or yellow, they grow very well over the time and produce the cardamom after the flower get dry in form of capsules and then the cardamom seeds are being consumed by us in form of spices, meanwhile we can grow cardamom from seeds if they are freshly harvested.

How to Grow Cardamom form seeds :

1) Soil to grow Cardamom from seeds :

      Soil play very important role in germination of seeds as water holding capacity of soil must be good, and also water must not be hold as it may give fungus growth and which can lead to damage of small new roots, and will effect cardamom plant overall growth.

Soil must be loose enough to let water go from top to bottom as every root must get water to maintain health of plant.

Soil mixture must include Sand in certain ratio so that roots get enough aeration and water drainage is on a fast process and does not hold water for longer period to get better development of roots and non formation of fungus which can destroy the new roots.

2) Sunlight : 

     Sunlight requirement is very less or we can say that cardamom plant love cold temperature as in India cardamom is mainly grown in Kerala and where temperature is low and humid. Humidity is also  reason for growth of cardamom from seeds so growing them in hot and dry climate is very difficult.

Once cardamom plant is grown don't keep it in direct sunlight it well damage all leaves and burn cardamom plant, so always try to grow cardamom plant in semi-shed condition so that it can grow very well and can produce green leaves.

3) watering : 

     Grow  Cardamom plant from seeds love maintain moisture in soil for development of leaves which can grow very long and which give energy to cardamom plant for their overall development so if plant is kept on the dry side then leaves will clearly show the sign of burning and falling of or look dull.

      If excess water is given then cardamom plant will shed leaves and cannot survive so maintain water is to be given to cardamom plant or seeds germination in pot

4) Propagation :

      Propagation of cardamom plant can be done in 2 ways i.e. form the cutting or from seeds, best way is from cutting i.e. cardamom plant can be separated easily and can be grown from one place to other as they grow same as bulb plants, and growing cardamom from seeds  is very difficult as fresh seeds is required and also if the temperature changes then the germination of seeds will stop.

Try to propagate cardamom from its mother plant this is fastest method of growing cardamom and try to do this all process in rainy season and keep small cardamom plant in shady area for better growth and development.

5) Fertilizer :

     Fertilizers play important role on formation of seeds i.e. cardamom fruit from plants so only organic fertilizer will give best result i.e. giving the waste of farming animals, it can be cow, goat or sheep, if the cardamom plant is in pot then they can be given vermi-compost and the duration of giving fertilizer is giving in time interval of 25 to 35 days and in certain condition it can be skipped to 2.5 month.

If chemical fertilizer is given then we have to be very careful as it can damage roots and will effect overall development of cardamom plant so try to give in limited or don't give. 

6) Insecticides :

     Generally the cardamom plant doesn't get attack of insects but in certain condition it can be damage by root rot problem so one must spray fungicide on cardamom plant and also in the roots system, as cardamom roots store lots of water in it so fungus is main problem always try to handle plant very delicately and try to keep on dry side of soil. 

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