How to get more roses from rose plant

How to get more roses from rose plant 

Roses are the most beautiful plants which give variety of Rose and a pleasant smell, and best season of roses is winter season so now the question iswhat is the best time to prune rose plant & How to get Maximum Roses

Best way to get maximum roses from a single plant is by following the simple tricks :-

a) Pruning technique

b) Proper Fertilizer

c) Proper Watering

d) Pest free rose plant

e) Right way to report

f) Sunlight 

Each of the above points is itself important as single mistake can lead us to have no Roses or less roses in our rose plant so it is important to read all the following points carefully and apply them in correct way as explained

A) Pruning Technique :-

       Pruning technique is equally important as pruning timing as if we miss rose plant timing then we will be in the loss and if the pruning of rose plant done in a wrong way then the plant may die or give less roses or no roses as the stress may lead to die off rose plant.

     So what is the right timing and technique for rose plant, for pruning best season is before the starting of winter season as the different countries have different climate so understand by yourself, and proper way of pruning is that all the dead branches must be removed and the cutting must be done at the angle of 45 degree. Also don't spray water on the cut area to avoid rotting of the branches.

Now question is how much pruning is to be done and answer is if we have old rose plant i.e more than 1 year than we can prune our rose plant up to 5 inches from base as it will help your rose plant to get more thicker and healthy and also stem from base will become thick and within 20 days we will see our rose plant with lots of new and healthy leaf and buds.

And what to do if we have recently purchase rose plan, in this case let your rose plant grow and after rose flower bloom cut the dry flower.

B) Sunlight :-

      Sunlight is the only energy which boost the plant to produce more roses as sunlight enable rose plant to produce more and more roses so keeping our rose plant in sun to get maximum is much important and also to remember that winter season sunlight is best for rose plant and sunlight of summer season is very bed for the rose plant and our rose plant may die so just keep the plant in semi-shed in the period of summer season
     Requirement of sunlight in winter season is 6 hours and in summer season is 2 hours i.e. only of morning or evening afternoon sunlight must not be given to rose plant in summer season. And you will get maximum rose in your rose plant and this rule is applies to rose plant in container or pot. If rose plant is in ground then no need to worry only give regular water and fertilizer and you will get maximum roses in rose plant.

C) Fertilizers :-

Fertilizer plays very important role in getting maximum flowers in rose plant, and giving fertilizer can be of 2 type (Chemical or Organic). But best is to go for organic one as it will make soil and plant healthy, chemical can spoil soil or can make good bacteria die. Let us discuss in detail about both chemical and organic fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizer

The fertilizer which give result in much less time and also last for less time but does it work in very perfect way but also plays negative impact in rose plant health, and will also soil our soil and its chemical properties, chemical fertilizer will kill good bacteria in soil which help in decomposition process of fertilizer or any other organic thing in soil. It is better not to use of if we have to use them then use them in limited quantity.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is good for plant health and also last longer,this maintain health rose plant so having a healthy rose plant for a long period must be followed by organic fertilizer and giving cow dung will help us the most as cow dung fertilizer is best fertilizer for rose plant and also we will get maximum and Big size flowers.

Organic fertilizer take 20-25 days to show its result and also it will make your rose plant healthy and stronger as presence of nitrogen in fertilizer will make our rose plant to produce more leaves and more leaves means rose plant will produce more food for itself and this means it will make more flower. 

D) How to Water :-   

          Less water and more flowers follow this simple rule, plant always need a pause in producing the flowers so that it can produce maximum rose flower, a pause means that after producing flower plant require a break to retain energy to grow the next flower and at this process rose plant need less water and if we give more water then it can damage roots also more water means growth of fungus, so always give required water (only in winter season)
But in summer we can give water on daily basis because the heat in environment will evaporate maximum water.

E) Reporting a Rose plant :-

Reporting is the most important work to do in gardening & Rose plant require high and rich nutrients in soil so that Roses production can be at easy way 
Rich nutrients in soil will given right energy to the plants and a healthy rose plant will give maximum rose flowers in winter season. 

Always do reporting in spring rainy or in winter season this will make your rose plant to grow fast and healthy.

F) Pest Attack on Rose Plant :-

New Grown flower bud is always having the problem of pest attack so we gardener always have the pest control product with us and it can be done in organic or in chemically, Neem oil is the best pest free product which will never harm our plants.

Mealy bugs and other small insects attack on rose plant and this is most common thing so always we must have neem oil and also spray some water on rose plant this will help you to maintain your rose plant healthy and this will make your rose plant to produce maximum roses.