Adenium plant care for all season

Adenium plant care for all season

Adenium are one of the best plant as they require less attention in garden and less attention means the plant which can be neglected for many days and also adenium plant produce maximum flowering in summer season and also continue small bunch of flowers in others season so they are best ornamental plant and perfect for one collection.

Also they require very less water so we can go on holidays without any worry, also they are known as desert rose plant and name itself says desert plant which require very less water and less care, and problem occur only when given more water as they store water in their caudex which attract fungus so always try to give less water for better health.


Adenium plant is the plant which require less water and this plant is more suitable for dry condition as they love dryness in nature as they are mainly desert plant known as desert rose

As Adenium plant are getting famous now days in the whole world because of the bulb shape caudex and the beautiful variety of flowers also the grafted adenium are being loved most as they can produce different shapes of flowers and also in different color. 

How to care Adenium in all weather:

Mainly there are 4 types of weather on Earth

1) Summer
2) Spring
3) Rainy
4) Winter

So in the above 4 weather we have to care for them in only 2 season i.e. Rainy & Winter season mainly and other season less care is needed.

As in rainy season we get supply of unlimited water and in winter season temperature drop that much  that once water is given then it will not dry up quickly for many days and the water logging will damage Adenium caudex.

Dry condition is best for Adenium as in nature the adenium plant get water only in rainy season and rest of the season adenium take water form air or if available from ground, adenuim grow well in hot climate and also they produce flowering in summer season mainly.

In nature they can grow very long nearly same as height of a building and can store water in their caudex for many months.

Lets talk in detail about season :

1) Summer Season:

Summer Season is the Golden time for Adenium plant for production of flowers and seeds and also for over all development. Adenium produce lots of flowers and if the flowers get pollination then they can produce lots of seeds which can be further use for production of new adenium seedling,
Also the thickness of adenium caudex will increase in summer season and rainy season, in summer season we can add cocopeat in soil mixture for fast and better growth of adenium plant.
Watering can be given after every 5 days or even every Sunday.

2) Spring season:

Spring season is best season for over all development of Adenium plant because in this season the plant will absorb most part of nutrients from soil so that it can produce lots of flower in summer season so best time to give fertilizer to adenium is spring season, in fertilizer we can give NPK for overall developmetn or the potash rich fertilizer to get maximum flowers. Natural fertilizer can also be given but it will take longer period of time to show result.

But if we want to maintain healthy adenium plant then we have to give organic rich fertilizer for eg. cowdung compost, vermicompost and self made kitchen waste compost. Organic fertilizer will make adenium more rigid in nature and maintain its health and will produce more flowering in longer run.

3) Rainy Season:

In wild Rainy season is the only source of water for adenium plant and for other season no water is available for adenium, but in container or pot the situation is very different we always have plenty of water for our plants, also water retain most of the time in soil of a container & this can damage our lovely Adenium plant, so always keep adenium plant in shed area in rainy season and no water is to be given in rainy season as adenium can absorb water from surroundings, what if we have give excess water -

hear we can add fungicide in water and if roots are soggy or turning brown then we have to remove adenium form its soil mixture and cut the damage area and then apply fungicide on the open area and keep the plant in shed for some time.
You can recover your adenium easily with this method in rainy season.

4) Winter Season:

Dormancy period or the resting period is winter season for most of the plants and Adenium plant also take a break from its growing period, do not over water or trimming or reporting of adenium plant is to be done in this season. Just give break to adenium plant so that it can come over the winter season.
As adenium plant is loving hot climate and grow best flowering in summer season so the winter season is the resting period
We must always have a fungicide with us so that we can add in the soil mixture of adenium so that root rot doesn't happen.


These were the following point to be consider in mind so that our beautiful adenium plant can be protected in off season and can produce beautiful and shiny flowers in on season, always remember that giving less water is very important.

Fertilizer also play very important role in production of maximum blooming so always keep your soil fertile so that whenever adenium need the nutrients from soil it can easily get from soil and can show best result and growth.

Watering can be done less for getting result and also mix of fungicide is also important after every 15 days, mix well fungicide powder in water and give it to the soil mix of adenium you can also spray on adenium.