Easy way to grow Coriander at home

Growing coriander is the most Beautiful experience as they grow very easily from seeds and also we don't have to specially go out and purchase seeds from the seeds seller as we can easily get them in our kitchen.

Controlled temperature is the most important point to be taken in consideration while growing coriander, Excess heat or cold climate will damage or will effect growth of coriander.

Coriander can be grown easily and also they will show the result in 5-6 days, also they can be grown in any type of container also they require less amount of soil but if given proper fertilizer then they will grow very well. Proper soil mixture is very important so that right growth can be taken from the coriander.

Best soil mixture for Coriander

Soil mixture must be rich in nutrients and full of moisture holding capacity. What can be soil mixture ?

In soil mixture we have to use coco peat + vermi-compost + soil for best result.

Ratio for growing Coriander is 10% vermi-compost +30% coco peat + 60% garden top soil, soil mix can be different and you can make your own organic soil mix, mix your soil mix and grow coriander in any type of pot size coriander will grow and also they can grow in flat and shallow pot.

Sunlight Requirement

Sunlight is not necessary for seedling to germinate but if given excess sunlight then coriander may burn out so if you are growing then keep away from direct sunlight in summer season, always keep container in semi shed condition.

Winter season is best season to grow coriander as they can be kept in full day of sunlight, a;so coriander will grow best in winter season as temperature will also help them to grow.

Harvesting period

Harvesting can be done after attaining the minimum height of 4 inches or more, and a coriander plant can be harvest up-to 2 times after that they cannot be harvested, and also the requirement of fertilizers is very important as they lots of nutrients from soil so always add vermi-compost or any other manure after every 10 to 15 days.

Fertilizers for Coriander

Fertilizer requirement for coriander plant is very essential as coriander require essential nutrients for its growth and development also green leaves take much part of nutrients form soil so always use soil rich in nutrients for best growth.

Chemical fertilizer can also be given if you want high growth rate and bigger coriander but normally we must not use chemical but we have option i.e. using urea and NPK fertilizer.

Happy gardening and always do organic gardening, stay healthy stay safe.