How to grow Cashew at home

Cashew Tree

Growing cashew tree form seeds is having a beautiful experience as we all love the taste of cashew in form of dry fruits, also cashew is very famous in India and other countries.

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Right way to choose cashew seeds

Cashew can be grow only when we have fresh seeds as cashew we have cannot be grown as they are not fresh seeds and roasted one so try to grow only fresh harvested cashew seeds. How to identify fresh seeds ? Fresh seeds will always be green in color and soft, also size of cashew is bigger comparatively.

How to grow Cashew from seeds

Cashew plant do well in moist type of climate so best time for growing then is the rainy season as in rainy season we have control type of climate. And we will get result in 15 days with fresh new growth as shown image below.

Soil mixture

Soil mixture play very important role in germination of cashew from seeds as cashew seeds are soft enough so always we have to use well drain soil mix i.e. 50% sand 30% soil + 20% coco-peat, this will help the cashew seeds to germinate fast and also the seed will not get damage by water logging as if extra water hold then it will damage the outer layer of cashew seeds and cashew will not germinate.


While growing cashew tree we must have controlled temperature as the perfect temperature will help the cashew tree to grow fast from seeds, if there is certain rise in temperature then the seeds may dry because of high temperature, so always grow the cashew tree from seeds in semi-shed condition or fully indoor until new growth.

How to water Cashew seedling

Always remember excess water can damage the new seedlings and seeds may become leggy, so always mark in mind that in growing seedling we must have to take special care and we must have a watch in every 6 to 8 hours because neglecting seedling may result in loss of them, maintain the moisture so that they can maintain their growth.

we can always have a drip irrigation system or self watering system for seedling.


Fertilizer requirement for cashew plant is after it attain the height of 2 feet or more and after the period of 35 days and what kind of fertilizer can be given

If the plant is in ground then we have to give cow dung as organic fertilizer and if the cashew plant is in container then we have to give the vermi-compost of NPK in balanced form.

Sunlight Requirement for seedling

Soft Sunlight is always better for growing seedling i.e. morning sunlight, so always keep the cashew seeds in a place where we can get sunlight for 1 hour and rest we can get bright indirect light.

Always maintaining moisture is important as seeds will grow fast and show the healthy result and also the controlled moisture is helpful for fast growth.


Conclusion is simple grow seeds that are healthy and grow them in well drain soil mix but which can hold the moisture, give the morning sunlight for maximum 2 hours if in container, and also the best season to grow them is rainy season, cashew seeds will show the result in 10-15 days depending on the condition it get (can see the above pictures)

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