Why Bougainvillea cutting not growing


Bougainvillea are among such beautiful plant which can be grown in any condition.

Also Bougainvillea can be grown in small container or big they will flower and also wonderful shape can be obtain from them.

Now the question is why Bougainvillea cutting die back and don't show result of 100% success ?

Bougainvillea can be grown from cutting easily but we must have to take extra care of soil mix, watering, sunlight, temperature, rooting hormone.

How to grow Bougainvillea Cutting

  1. Firstly we have to take 6-8 inches of cutting
  2. At-least 2 node area must be planted in soil for getting 2x growth in root area
  3. Maintaining the moisture, as the moisture will allow the cutting to produce roots.
  4. Best place to keep the cutting is in shed for 10 days or until the true leaf come.
  5. Watering only when it is required as dryness in soil will not allow the fiber roots to grow.

*Bougainvillea Cutting can be of any size and of any thickness it will root*

Best part of growing Bougainvillea cutting is that all the cutting grow very easily and will show the result within 10 to 15 days.

Firstly we will see tiny new shoots in cutting and then all will develop the small leaves, but the newly leaf are not the actual leaf as Bougainvillea cutting itself has the power to produce small set of leaf but as new leaf grow bigger then we can understand that the cutting has produce roots and at this time we must not move the cutting as the new small fiber roots has grown and they can get damage easily with following condition :

Bougainvillea Cutting not growing

Firstly if moisture is not maintain in soil mix,

Secondly if bougainvillea cutting is kept in sunlight

Final if the cutting get disturb from its place.

*Selection of Bougainvillea Cutting

Bougainvillea cutting selection is very important as if we take wrong cutting then it will not grow.

always select semi wood cutting for best result, how to identify semi wood cutting 

1. Semi wood cutting
2. soft cutting

Soil Mixture

Soil mix will be simple as cutting require loose and soft soil mix for growing new fiber roots, So 50% of coco peat and 50% of sand or soil both will work for bougainvillea cutting


Keep the cutting in shed area and always make the environment same as rainy season means maintain the moisture in soil and also also we can cover cuttings with poly bags for fast result.


Although cuttings doesn't require fertilizer but we can have mix of vermi-compost in soil for nutrition to the fiber roots.

Rooting Hormone

Bougainvillea cutting can be grown without rooting hormone as it will produce roots as it get moist environment, but sometime we don't get 100% result so can use rooting hormone and will get the better result also remember to take at least pencil size cutting for better growth.


Final words but they will cover all the points above : Bougainvillea grown from cutting is very easy task if selection of cutting done correctly and also use soil mix soft enough so that roots can easily grown and also we have to maintain moisture in soil so that growth of cutting boost up, fertilizer is not important up to 30 days of successful growth of roots.

For detail watch this video : 

Happy Gardening