How to grow rose from cutting

Rose Cutting

Rose plant is most loving plant and also we can grow them easily from cuttings

Basic on growing rose from cutting

Environment plays very important role in growing rose from cutting, so we have to wait for the season to come or we have to create the environment, in both condition we can grow rose from cutting easily and we will see the result in 9 days as small small leaves will come and new sprouts is the sign of showing growth but we cannot say that the cutting will 100% show the result.

For getting 100% result we have to use rooting hormone and cut the cuttings at 45 degree angle as shown in image

Rooting Hormone can be of 2 type Organic and Chemical, we will discuses it later first we will learn how to choose a rose plant cutting.

How to choose a Rose Plant Cutting 

Choosing right and healthy Rose plant cutting is very important as only the cutting with full of energy will only grow so always choose semi wood cutting for best result, as semi wood rose cutting will give the result fast.

Let's discuss in points wise

1) Fresh Rose Cutting

Always choose a fresh cutting as only fresh cutting will grow and also take cuttings from plant as the cutting of rose from shop will not grow.

2) Growing at right time

Time for growing rose form cutting is winter season as rose plant grow best in cold climate so always grow rose cuttings in cold climate for best result and if the temperature is high then we can create the same type of climate (artificial climate).

3) Watering

Rose plant cutting initially doesn't require lots of water so always we have to maintain the moisture in soil, also water logging must not happen because it can damage the rose plant cutting, maintaining the moisture is very important as the new fibrous roots are very delicate and can die in absence of water so moisture will give 100% result.

4) Soil Mixture

Soil mixture also play very important role in growing rose plant cutting as if we give very tight soil mix then new roots will die, or if the soil mix is having high water holding capacity then it will make fungus to grow and can damage the rose cutting.

So what is the perfect soil mix : 30% normal garden top soil + 20% vermi compost + 30% sand + 20 % coco-peat, remember sand is important for growing new fiber roots so don't skip sand.

5) Place

Keeping Rose plant cutting in shed or indoor is perfect location as rose plant cutting grow well in indoor condition as they can develop fibrous roots and in indoor condition cutting doesn't feel the attack of change of temperature. Bright light can be given but no direct sunlight.

6) Sunlight

Rose plant cuttings are very delicate but they can be grown easily, only the one thing we have to take care in our mind is that we have to save them form direct sunlight and also the heat of sunlight. Excess heat will lead the cutting to dry fast and because of no roots the cutting will easily die.

Always keep cutting away from direct sunlight and after the formation of new leaf and roots cuttings can be placed in sunlight, and this whole process take 45 to 50 days.


So this were the important points which i had covered above but the following points are not only important there can be many conditions. So always provide best condition to grow rose from cutting.

Also maintain moisture in soil so that new fibrous root get enough moisture to develop them self and to produce new new leaf

Happy Gardening