How to make tulsi plant grow faster

How to make Tulsi plant / Holy Basil grow faster

Plant which is very important in India and other countries also for its medicinal properties tulsi plant. We all must have tulsi plant/ Holy basil at home so that we can get benefit of it, we can consume tulsi/basil leaves directly or in tea cup, also tulsi leaves help us to improve our immune system and make our body strong from inside to fight against virus and bacteria. Tulsi plant also help in keeping mosquitoes and other insect away form its nearby area. So we must have 1 tulsi plant in our lawn or in pot.

How to grow Tulsi plant faster

Tulsi plant require worm environment for its best growth as worm temperature help Tulsi plant to boost growth and grow very fast so always grow then in direct sunlight.

Soil rich in nutrients will also help Tulsi plant to grow fast as tulsi plant absorbs most of the nutrients in the starting period i.e first 3 months.

Also pinching will make your tulsi plant to grow faster as pinching enhance growth hormone in other branches and tulsi/basil plant will get  bushy.

in the above image we can see multiple new shoots, we can get multiple new shoots only through pinching and pruning.

Fertilize your Tulsi plant to grow fast

Fertilizer play very important role in growth of tulsi/basil plant so if tulsi/basil plant is in container then we definitely have to give fertilizer.

Soil in container have very limited source of nutrients, so we always have to give fertilizer to tulsi/basil plants in every 25 to 35 days so that it can grow fast and can absorb all nutrients from soil in pot. So we have to give organic fertilizer i.e vermi compost or decompose cow dung or leaf compost to our tulsi/basil plant, 

Just do tilling up to 1 to 2 inches on top layer of soil and then we can mix our organic fertilizer in it and pour water after giving fertilizer so that tulsi/basil plant can absorb nutrients from soil.

Note : Giving organic fertilize is good as we will consume tulsi leaves, organic fertilizer will help in better growth of plant and also growth will be for longer run.

Sunlight requirement to make tulsi plant grow faster

Sunlight is very important for tulsi plant growth, but at starting period it can grow in low light, as tulsi plant height increase it require more sunlight i.e. 4 to 6 hours of sunlight will help tulsi plant to grow fast and big.

For better and fast growth tulsi plant must be kept in direct sunlight, we also get bright green and healthy tulsi plant leaves, also tulsi plant love sunlight so make sure to keep tulsi plant in direct sunlight.

Insect attack

Mainly in rainy and winter season small and black color insect attack on tulsi/basil plant and suck all nutrients from leaf this will make tulsi plant weak and tulsi plant may die. So always try to keep an eye on tulsi/basil plant

Solution for this is very simple i.e always spray water on plants you will never see insects attack in tulsi plant, also if you had seen the attack on tulsi plant then just spray neem oil or wood ash on plant this will help you to get rid of them. If you have multiple tulsi plant and one is being infected then keep all other tulsi/basil plant away form infected one so that insect can't reach to other plant.

Soil mixture

Tulsi plant require well drain soil mix, water must not stay in soil mix as tulsi plant doesn't require much water for its growth so always give less water, before giving water pot soil must be dry up-to 50% this will make your tulsi plant healthy and full of leaves.

If over watering is done then fungus can grow in soil and will attack on tulsi plant roots this will make our tulsi plant die so avoid regular water habit and please check soil condition before giving water.

Water Requirement

Tulsi plant love heat and worm type of climate also less water for its growth and development. Never give excess water to tulsi plant as this can make your tulsi plant die, always give limited water for its fast growth, select alternate day in summer season and in winter season select only when top layer of soil is dry.


Secret technique of growing Tulsi plant fast is that giving less water and keeping plant in direct sunlight, rain water will help your tulsi plant to grow big, if tulsi plant is in ground then we can have 5 feet long plant also, fertilize your tulsi plant after every 30 days with organic fertilizer.

If You are interested in watching video then watch it provided below also this video will show you about how to care tulsi plant and also what type of fertilizer we should give, also how to grow our tulsi plant fast.