Special care for Adenium plant in rainy season

Adenium special care in rainy season in 2020

Adenium also known as desert rose, name itself has lots of answer i.e the plant which doesn't love water too much because they have the capability of storing water in their roots and caudex.

As we can see a healthy adenium caudex, so giving a limited quantity of water will make your adenium more healthy and use fungicide will make it best in adenium special care.

Should i give water in rainy season

Water is very essential for growth of plants so giving water is very necessary, how to water adenium plant in rainy season

Water requirement is very less in rainy season as adenium absorb little bit of water from air also as surrounding is also having lot's of water in air so we can give water after every 10 days or 12 days as moist environment will not evaporate water easily so their is a chance root rot.

What is Root Rot Problem

The very common problem in adenium plant is Root rot i.e roots turning yellow/brown which promote fungus growth which lead to die of adenium. This problem is very common in bad soil mix, so if you want to avoid root rot then use sand or perlite in soil mix or any soil mix with well drainage capability. Use of fungicide is very important as fungus in soil of on roots is main problem, always mix 1 table spoon of fungicide in 1 liter of water and give to your adenium plant.

Fungicide is important or not

Adenium plant can survive without fungicide but we cannot be sure what is happening under the soil so we have to give a dose of fungicide in every 15 days or even in 10 days depending upon the moisture in environment.

Reporting of adenium in Rainy season

This is very tricky i.e can we report adenuim in rainy season or not. So after rainy season we get dormancy period of adeniums i.e winter season, and adenium may fall sick if they get stress of reporting also if we break roots at the time of reporting then fungal attack can be a big problem and until we come to know about it adenium may die because of root rot problem.

Better not to report adenium in rainy season and wait for spring or summer season.

Reporting of Adenium in 2020

If we report adenium twice a year then we will see lack of flowers this is my personal experience on adenium, so always choose summer season or starting of spring season this will make your adenium to produce flowers and we can receive flowers in summer and also in winter season.

Soil mix for Adeniums

Soil mix for adeniums is very important actually adenium is desert plant so love dryness in soil always give sand mix in soil and 50% of sand will be good, 20% of organic fertilizer (vermi-compost or cow dung), 30% of soil.

At the time of flowering we can additionally give chemical fertilizer for better flowering.

Flowering time of Adenium

Peak time for adenium to produce flower is summer season but they can produce flowers in any season if adenium plant is healthy enough, but if condition is not good they they will not give blooming whole year, so what is the solution ?

Solution is to give less water and maintain nutrients level in soil.

Can we put Adenium in direct rain

All plant love rain so we can keep adenium in rain twice the season, but after keeping adeniums in rain we must not give water from our side as rain water is enough for 15 days of water supply. Also rain water is full of essential nutrients for plant growth so we have to give rain water to our adenium plant once or twice.

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