Bougainvillea cuttings to Bonsai

Bougainvillea Bonsai

In this article you will learn how to make Bougainvillea bonsai from cuttings, also i will tell you to make bougainvillea bonsai fast only in 1 year.

Selection of cuttings

First and most important point is selection of bougainvillea plant or cutting this selection is most important

Always select thick or mature branch for best result as mature branch of bougainvillea will grow very fast but we have to maintain following points to get 100% result.

1.) Always maintain moisture in soil.

2.) Don't keep your cutting in direct sunlight (up to 30 days).

3.) If temperature is very high then cover cuttings with poly bag (for controlled environment).

4.) Soil mix must be very loose so that new fibrous roots can grow easily.

5.) No moment must be their as moment will not allow fibrous roots to grow.

These following point will make your Bougainvillea cutting to grow and initially we have to take care of our cutting so that it can grow fast.

What to do if bougainvillea cutting grow

Firstly we have to place cutting in bright light condition so that new sprouts can feel the light and grow toward it this will make your cutting to get more faces..

In simple words after getting sprouts i.e after 30 Days we can keep cutting in indirect sunlight as new sprouts need light to grow fast and can do photosynthesis and can produce food and energy.

At this stage small and new fibrous roots develop and no moment must be given at this stage, if cutting get loose in soil mixture then it will definitely make your cutting die, because new fiber roots are at growing stage and if we disturb them then it is bad for new roots so maintain moist type of climate this will make the cutting to grow 100%.

This is the first and bigger step of making bougainvillea cutting bonsai. So always select for a thick branch so that we can get result fast and perfect.

Sunlight requirement for cuttings

At starting we have to give bright light so that they get enough light to produce new and fast growth, if cutting at staring stage is kept in direct sunlight then they can die because of no roots in plant cutting and water in cuttings will evaporate fast. Best is to give 1 hour of morning sunlight.

What to do after growth of cuttings

As we can see in the above image after 30 days we had grown our cutting this the positive response that our cutting will grow and one day it will be in a form of bonsai in one of our collection.

How i perfectly got this growth

Soil mixture is also very important for getting this result. Always go for loose soil mix i.e. 50% sand 30% coco peat 20% soil. You can make your own soil mix remember to make it loose enough so that new small roots get enough rooms to spread.


Main question is that is it important to give fertilizer to new cutting, answer is no because new roots and a cutting doesn't require fertilizer at their starting period. They will absorb nutrients from the given soil mix and this is enough for growth.

Best time to do this

Growing Bougainvillea from cutting is not as easy as it is seen because sometime they don't show result and this is very disappointing for us, so select the best season for growing bougainvillea cutting i.e. rainy season or spring season and my choice is for rainy season because nature help use to maintain moisture in environment.

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